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AIBU to ask what effect a whole bottle of champs would have on you?

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Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:48:44


UrsulaPandress Sun 07-Apr-19 19:49:30


Desmondo2016 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:01

Pretty drunk but in a happy way and able to avoid making a twat of myself

LittleBearPad Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:05

It would give me a massive headache and make me burp <classy>

vengefuldog Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:09

I'd definitely be sick

megletthesecond Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:16

Deaths door.

AnchorDownDeepBreath Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:17

Probably not a huge one. I'd be a bit tipsy. It would depend on what I'd eaten... why?

tinstar Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:17

Very ill.

cocomelon23 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:41

I'd be wrecked.

LittleBearPad Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:43

Ooh yes - heartburn too.

Would rather have a bottle of red

IPokeBadgers Sun 07-Apr-19 19:50:46

Pished as a newt and a huge headache hangover the next day....

Sparklingbrook Sun 07-Apr-19 19:51:00

Not sure I would manage as I don't like the taste but along with a PP definitely raging heartburn.

gettingtherequickly Sun 07-Apr-19 19:51:09

I'd be drunk, but not completely out of control.
I'd feel it in the morning.

Matilda1981 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:51:18

Pleasantly drunk but would prob have heartburn - I’m not a fan of champagne!

Sparklesocks Sun 07-Apr-19 19:51:21

I find champagne hits me harder than other booze (think it’s the bubbles!) so I would probably be very pissed and promptly go to bed..about now! 😴

2rachtint Sun 07-Apr-19 19:51:34

Depends over how long - could drink one over a few hours with no particularly noticeable affect but if I drank one in an hour I'd feel very drunk.

Calzone Sun 07-Apr-19 19:52:02


BeardofZeus Sun 07-Apr-19 19:52:03

Drunk as a skunk but likely not too hungover the next day .. so my favourite grin

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:52:10

Just opened up my birthday bottle of Moet and.....nada!

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:52:32

(do have an urge to sing ABBA though)

AuntMarch Sun 07-Apr-19 19:52:40


Streely Sun 07-Apr-19 19:53:07

I’d be pleasantly pissed and not too bad the next day. BUT if I had even a single glass more I’d be hammered and have a hangover. A bottle I can manage surprisingly (scarily!) easy - but no more.

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:53:14

What does Moet "Imperial" mean?

AdamAntsCrackpotHistory Sun 07-Apr-19 19:53:27

As long as I didn't mix it with anything else, I'd be as happy as Larry. Vague headache the next day, but not as bad as if I'd done a bottle of red. Then it'd be projectile city....

GoGoGadgetGin Sun 07-Apr-19 19:53:38

Again depends how quickly l sunk it!

bengalcat Sun 07-Apr-19 19:54:32

Somewhat tipsy

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 19:54:39

What do people mix champs with besides pizza?

NuclearReactor Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:02

I would be half way to hammered. I get pretty tipsy on two glasses of anything. I imagine a bottle of champagne is about 3.5 - 4 glasses?

itbemay1 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:28

Chambord is great with champagne

TheFatberg Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:51

YABU for calling it champs.

Luglio Sun 07-Apr-19 19:55:54

Very little. Pleasantly pissed and ready to open another bottle, or start on the whisky.

Aimily Sun 07-Apr-19 19:56:41

I dread to think nowadays. I stopped drinking early last year (it will be a year ago in May) when me and dp started ttc. It'd probably knock me out now 😂 I could sink a bottle and a half of rose, and just feel pleasantly tipsy.
How are you feeling @veeep?

gamerwidow Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:22

I'd be legless. I drunk a whole bottle of prosecco which is a similar strength on my birthday and was so ill the next day. I spent most of the morning being sick.

Horehound Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:45

If be risky to drunk but not crazy drunk. And if be ok the next day if I'd have eaten well whilst/before drinking it.

Bess66 Sun 07-Apr-19 19:57:53

Pissed and would need food.

Not sure I could keep a bottle down

Mightywease Sun 07-Apr-19 19:58:07

Happily drunk but at my limit. Probably have a bad hangover the following day.

I've been to work on worse though!!

Still18atheart Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:15

Had 4 glasses about half a bottle the other week and I was tipsy but not massively. So probably merry and slurry as well delicate the next morning. But doubt I’d be horrendous. Also depends what I had lined the stomach with

alltoomuchrightnow Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:19

Migraine, but that would be from one glass, or at least, thumping head. and v v drunk

cptartapp Sun 07-Apr-19 19:59:40

Prosecco I could manage. A full bottle of champagne would make me somewhat ill. I have vague memories of throwing up behind walls after drinking too much champagne.

IMissGin Sun 07-Apr-19 20:00:28

Tipsy, with horrible heartburn and a headache the next day.

Raspberry10 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:01

I’d be asleep and then very sick

bluebellation Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:09

I'd be happily merry, probably with heartburn later🤨

StarTheGirl Sun 07-Apr-19 20:01:19

A whole bottle? Depends how long a period I drank it over I think... I’m sure I have drunk that much over a long event, like a wedding and been tipsy but not smashed. If I drank it over the space of a couple of hours then yes, I imagine I would be smashed.

TheBrilloPad Sun 07-Apr-19 20:02:46

I'd throw up, repeatedly, everywhere. I'd be so unable to walk that I'd have to be physically carried to a taxi, which I would again throw up in. I'd throw up in my own bed and sleep in it anyway. The next morning I would have zero memories past lunch time <speaks from experience>

mummmy2017 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:12

Stick some sugar and brandy in it.
Or orange juice.

WineGummyBear Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:36

I became increasingly suave the more fizz I have and I start to accelerate after the first couple of glasses.

I'd be the life and soul after a bottle, but I tend to peak early so I'd still be asleep by midnight.

saj90 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:03:43

Would be merrily tipsy. Yum!

Sexnotgender Sun 07-Apr-19 20:04:33

I'd be rough as fuck the next day!

Ragwort Sun 07-Apr-19 20:05:29

If I drank it over 3-4 hours then I would probably just fall asleep with a mild headache in the morning, happy to do a trial if anyone wants to send me a bottle grin.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Sun 07-Apr-19 20:08:25

Three day hangover and total amnesia. Or and vomiting bile. No thanks!

HoldMyGirl Sun 07-Apr-19 20:08:37

I'd be pleasantly tipsy, but I'd feel the hangover begin at about 2 or 3 am.

I'd feel like shite the next day - detached, tired, cold, sad

MamaLovesMango Sun 07-Apr-19 20:09:55

I’d need a kebab and a really good sleep.

I had champagne mixed with Guiness once. Fuck me it was tasty but evil.

AwdBovril Sun 07-Apr-19 20:10:03

Sick as a dog, that much alcohol almost always triggers a migraine (in addition to the hangover) the next day. I'm a lightweight, I have to be!

BillywigSting Sun 07-Apr-19 20:11:56

I would quite likely be literally falling down drunk. Two small glasses of wine has me merry but I'm a notorious lightweight and always have been.

Order654 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:12:10

I’d feel it a bit. Not pissed but merry. Wouldn’t have a hangover the next day. Defiantly wouldn’t be sick.

I drink a bottle of wine+shots before I go out with the girls and that’s pre drinking. I still have 4-6 cocktails and a couple of other drinks while I’m out too.

SoyDora Sun 07-Apr-19 20:15:22

I’d be pleasantly merry. Probably a mild fuzzy head the next day.

SheWoreBlueVelvet Sun 07-Apr-19 20:18:14

Mmmm. I think I might have to test this one at some point in the Easter holidays.

Pinkarsedfly Sun 07-Apr-19 20:19:10

Bad breath and yeasty burps.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Sun 07-Apr-19 20:19:13

I'd be in bed for two days puking etc. It would not be pleasant.

WallyTheWasher Sun 07-Apr-19 20:19:56

Fucked as I rarely drink

CalmDownPacino Sun 07-Apr-19 20:20:58

No effect. It's only one bottle!

alittlesnow Sun 07-Apr-19 20:22:11

None, because champers is minging, like the much overrated prosecco. They are BOTH disgusting fizzy piss.

If it was wine however... A full bottle would leave me in bed for the next day, and with a headache for a week!

Japonicaflower2 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:22:17

I'm such a lightweight that 1 glass is too much, it gives me a horrendous headache so not my choice of drink.

namemcnamechange Sun 07-Apr-19 20:23:05

Don't know what imperial means but if it's the one in the white bottle that's my fave! I got a bottle for my birthday in November though and it's still not been opened confused

Slazengerbag Sun 07-Apr-19 20:25:19

Well I have a severe allergy to grapes so it wouldn’t be pretty!

usernamerisnotavailable Sun 07-Apr-19 20:26:02

Champagne fine (YABVU Tati call it champs). Prosecco I can't drink. Indigestion.

LakieLady Sun 07-Apr-19 20:26:48

Pissed but not paralytic, headache but not a massive hangover.

Mind you, i might have to revise that after Friday. I had 3/4 of a bottle of white Rioja, and was pissed as a pole parrot. I had a killer headache about 5 am, too.

I hope I'm not losing my tolerance (what's left of it).

Purplecatshopaholic Sun 07-Apr-19 20:26:56

Fine at the time - dreadful the next day - Champs hangovers at the worst!

SpamChaudFroid Sun 07-Apr-19 20:27:12

I doubt I'd manage a bottle before the heartburn kicked in, Then I'd have a really shit night's sleep. I'm no fun since perimenopause.

Gooseygoosey12345 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:27:22

I'd just feel sick, it's too gassy for me

AlexaAmbidextra Sun 07-Apr-19 20:27:58

I would be unable to walk then unconscious. I would be woken from my stupor by the mother of all headaches and would probably be throwing up for the next twelve hours. I’m not much of a drinker so have very little tolerance.

rslsys Sun 07-Apr-19 20:27:58

What is Moet Imperial?
Moët Impérial is the House's iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon's unique style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity.

Or so Google says!

SwimmingKaren Sun 07-Apr-19 20:28:47

I’d be in a mess and feel dreadful for a day afterwards, possibly two. Just not worth it for me these days.

PerspicaciaTick Sun 07-Apr-19 20:29:13

A bottle of wine - I'd feel pleasantly relaxed.
A bottle of fizzy - I start feeling vile after 1 glass.

ghostyslovesheets Sun 07-Apr-19 20:29:34

I'd be merry but not drunk - a bit hanging the next day but nothing major

I would never be drunk enough to call it 'Champs' though <shudder>

CakeNinja Sun 07-Apr-19 20:29:47

Poorly because I loathe anything vaguely related to white wine, that includes champagne and Prosecco.
However, if I drank a bottle of it, I reckon I’d be squiffy but not falling down drunk.
Last night I had 5 vodkas and was the same, a bit merry but able to carry out a boring conversation with my neighbour at 8pm about ladders confused - this was because they knocked and wanted to borrow one, not because I’d randomly decided to knock on their door and have a pissed up chat about them in general grin

MissElizaBennett Sun 07-Apr-19 20:30:38

Tried this once at a fancy student party held by the Law Society. It was in a chamber which was, crucially, upstairs... When I left, I had to go downstairs sitting down, bumping down one step at a time on my bottom. A strapping male friend then carried me home over his shoulder. Not my finest hour. blush

formerbabe Sun 07-Apr-19 20:31:20

I'd be comatose

ItsSomeKindOfWonderful Sun 07-Apr-19 20:31:19

Don't mix it with anything @Veeep , are you some kind of animal?!?

ItsSomeKindOfWonderful Sun 07-Apr-19 20:32:00

I find after a bottle of champagne the people around me become more attractive...

IntoValhalla Sun 07-Apr-19 20:33:28

I’d be pretty spangled blush
And most likely spend most of the night vomiting it back up, and have a raging hangover the next day!
You know what they say about champagne: perfume going in, poison coming out confused

Veeep Sun 07-Apr-19 20:34:38

Singing Bollywood karaoke,,,1/8th Indian...but feeling like Aishwarya Rai!

ItsSomeKindOfWonderful Sun 07-Apr-19 20:35:12

....oh and I become an incredible dancer

Bunnyfuller Sun 07-Apr-19 20:36:16


SoMuchToBits Sun 07-Apr-19 20:36:29

It would depend on how fast I drank it and whether I had eaten/was eating or whether it was on an empty stomach. Over several hours with food, no problem. Drinking it fast on an empty stomach I would be ill!

YeOldeTrout Sun 07-Apr-19 20:37:44

Under the Table before finishing it.

MondeoFan Sun 07-Apr-19 20:37:55

Wrecked not in a good way and heartburn

DelilahfromDenmark Sun 07-Apr-19 20:38:45

Happy drunk. Would wake up gagging though.

Belenus Sun 07-Apr-19 20:40:04

Unless drunk slowly with a lot of food, very, very pissed, possibly vomiting. Either way I would feel like shit the next day. Oh and I'd wee for Britain. Don't know why champagne does that to me more than other alcohol but it does.

aLilNonnyMouse Sun 07-Apr-19 20:41:33

I'd be blacked out. It's more than I've ever drank in a single sitting a few times over.

ShabbyAbby Sun 07-Apr-19 20:42:16

Pretty sozzled with dreadful heartburn, flushed cheeks, a bit off balance, forgetful and a splitting headache. Although the rest of that is true already and I have not had a drop! Pregnancy is marvellous blush

Shahlalala Sun 07-Apr-19 20:46:25

I would be floored! And feel horrendous the next day.

Jebuschristchocolatebar Sun 07-Apr-19 20:47:10

Would probably need my stomach pumped

100Birds Sun 07-Apr-19 20:49:02

I’d be pleasantly drunk, not wasted.

But i’d wake up about 4 hours after going to bed with horrific palpitations and i’d have an unpleasant hangover tomorrow!

I love champagne and the being drunk but is great, but more and more I can’t cope with the after effects!

SellFridges Sun 07-Apr-19 20:49:33

I’d be alright. Probably just on the right side of a hangover as well. Assuming I had eaten.

MrsExpo Sun 07-Apr-19 20:51:38

I’d be unconcious before I finished it.

Hecateh Sun 07-Apr-19 20:52:32

If I had more than half a bottle of red with it then I'd be a bit tired the next day.
7 between 3 of us on Christmas Day - but did start at lunchtime. Again tired and lethargic next day

polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 20:53:03

heartburn, very drunk and you'd have the mother of all headaches the next day if you were still alive.

Xmasbaby11 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:53:57

I'd be merry and probably not hungover if that's all i drank. I mean over an evening with food of course. Fizz is much easier to drink than other alcohol for me. At book group we have a bottle of prosecco each before my friends move onto wine!

bibbitybobbityyhat Sun 07-Apr-19 20:55:08

Would be fine if I'd had it over the course of a day and evening (eg at a wedding) with plenty of food and water.

Would be off my face if I'd had it over an hour or two on an empty stomach.

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