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srav23 Sun 07-Apr-19 17:45:30

Hello everyone!
So I'm in a relationship with a guy since 1 and half year. Problem is that he is not that expressive. I used to think he might not say things out but he has that special place im his heart and special feelings for me. But i reached to a point where i badly want him to express and say things to me.. I wanna hear him out. Because, I'm afraid that i might have to assume things for life long without him expressing anything. Also, my relationship always feels incomplete for me. Our thoughts never really matches.. I wanna enjoy every moment with him..but he takes things very common and don't give much preference to anything ( like taking pics together, talking about future) but whenever i try to put this thing infront of him, he always escapes or tries to divert the topic . It looks like he took me for granted. The only reason he says is, he's afraid of the future as we are from different religion. I don't get it. Is that a reason that is stopping him from making our relationship colorful? He can't leave me. He respects me cares for me alot. He behaves real matured and when it comes to me i expect little things basic things a girl would want his guy to be like. I recently started talking to a guy and he proposed me. He is like all i ever wanted. I stopped talking to my guy bcz i wanna see if he makes an effort to sort out things that are on my mind.i told him how i have been feeling throughout the relationship. He behaves like as if nothing happened. So, this new guy is like a blessing.. He says things i want to hear badly and he always takes initiative to talk to me first. It's like all i ever wanted is just this!!! But I don't have feelings towards him as I already love someone else but his love towards me is immense and i don't know what should i do. I am not talking much with my guy these days and giving so much of time to another guy who loves me so madly. I am in a position where I don't want to hurt his feelings.. I already told him about my relationship and how it is! I don't know what to do. I don't want to give up on my first relationship as it means alot to me and everyone of my friends and few family members knew about us already. But this guy came like a surprise out of no where and making me feeling special,loved,blessed alll the time. Please advise what to do.

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