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to leave this here?

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polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 16:29:57

JRM and his wonderful morals...

thisismeusernameything Sun 07-Apr-19 16:39:39

Do shut up. At the moment he is doing absolutely nothing illegal. Labour made a £1.4 million surplus in 2017 but failed to pay any corporation tax. Would you care to comment on that?

LordNibbler Sun 07-Apr-19 16:42:46

OP didn't state illegal, she said immoral. So shut up yourself.

SrSteveOskowski Sun 07-Apr-19 16:44:13

I'm more concerned about the fact that believe it or not, he's a year younger than Kylie #oldfogey grin

polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 16:47:42

Yes, I'll comment on that. The Labour Party, as with the Conservative Party, are a unlimited company and so are not liable for Corporation Tax. Hence they didn't pay it and there is no problem.

StoneofDestiny Sun 07-Apr-19 22:35:21

Oh gawd - please don't leave his mug here, please take him away

polarpig Mon 08-Apr-19 10:04:11

Where to?

StoneofDestiny Mon 08-Apr-19 18:06:08

the 16th century 😂

marvellousnightforamooncup Mon 08-Apr-19 18:09:01

Get him off my screen before he ejaculates more dust!

polarpig Mon 08-Apr-19 18:30:04

DO the poor people of the 16th century not have enough to contend with? grin

Maybe we should make him go and be an adviser to Donald Trump.

DS came home from school and asked me if I approved of the new prime minister - either JRM or Michael Gove. I was apoplectic until I saw it was his idea of a joke grin

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Mon 08-Apr-19 18:47:24

JRM Doesn't own a company, he was CEO of Somerset Investments he stepped down when he was elected to parliament. It's not 'his' company. He's just a shareholder.

BTW - just out of curiosity did you fact check that meme? I always like to know the source.

ClashCityRocker Mon 08-Apr-19 18:54:22

According to Co. House he is still a designated member of it...

And a shareholder is effectively an owner in the company. Which is a moot point as somerset capital management isn't a limited company anyway. It's an LLP.

ClashCityRocker Mon 08-Apr-19 18:56:32

Ah just seen there's also a limited company. Still a director per Cos House.

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