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To be delighted by this

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Purplehammer Sun 07-Apr-19 14:49:52

Radio,4 news item.
A Rhino hunter has been eaten by a pride of lions.
After being trampled to death by elephants.
Only things found were his skull and his trousers.
A fitting end.
Doubt it’s the way the twat would have chosen to go.

IncrediblySadToo Sun 07-Apr-19 16:19:03

Rough justice & totally deserved.


HunterHearstHelmsley Sun 07-Apr-19 16:23:31

Its so nice to hear a good news story for a change.

SadieContrary Sun 07-Apr-19 16:29:05

I actually feel sorry for the poacher and his family. He will have been paid a pittance (but probably necessary to feed his family) by some rich person who would have exported the kill had it been successful to the Far East. I wish karma had sent that person to be trampled under the elephant and then devoured by the lion. I'd have celebrated that for sure.

polarpig Sun 07-Apr-19 16:34:29

@Sadiecontrary - that used to be the case - watch this:

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Sun 07-Apr-19 16:36:20

Were they sure he was a hunter? If so we’ll its a risk of ‘the job’. Like bull fighters.

mumwon Sun 07-Apr-19 16:36:31

(thinks: didn't trump junior go hunting in Africa … such a nice man!)

NoCauseRebel Sun 07-Apr-19 16:41:41

Yeah, I feel sorry for his family that they were related to such lowlife in the first place. Live by the sword, die by the sword....

As for whether they were so sure he was a hunter, well, he entered the park on foot which is ill-advised. There are signs everywhere around these parks about not getting out of your vehicle etc etc etc. Over the years tourists have been eaten by lions etc when getting out to take their pictures with the pride and so on, and while I don’t feel the same kind of glee at their demise I don’t have an awful lot of sympathy for them either because they’re generally arrogant idiots. The risks of getting up close to a pride of lions or other wildlife are well known and well advertised within the game reserves, if you then go against that then you can hardly claim victim status if you’re eaten. M

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