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To think she'd have been better not to mention the flowers

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Southern666 Sun 07-Apr-19 12:47:49

First of all I want to say this is trivial but it's bugging me.

I invited a friend over last night for a meal and a catchup. Was happy to pay for food and drink (obviously as hosting) and my friend did ask beforehand if she could bring anything which I thanked her for but said no as everything sorted.

I therefore wasn't expecting her to bring anything (flowers, chocs etc) as it wasn't a dinner party just a casual thing. When she turned up she said that she was going to bring some flowers but hadn't had the time to get some. Fair enough no problem.

However she did the same thing last time but with a different reason why she didn't get any.

AIBU to wonder why she would mention the flowers when she knows I wouldn't expect any and to now really want some flowerssmile

Just to say it's not a money issue and it's usually me who does the hosting.

Southern666 Sun 07-Apr-19 12:49:16

Oops posted too soon.
Just to say it's not a money issue and it's usually me who does the hosting so don't have a precedent for bringing flowers etc.

Mrsjayy Sun 07-Apr-19 12:51:38

She is anxious about the social nicities so says i was going to get then forgets I would just say you don't have to do anything then maybe she will calm down,

MiniEggAddiction Sun 07-Apr-19 13:25:34

She may be as disorganised as me, I might be intending to bring flowers (even if I knew they were unnecessary) but not get round to it.

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