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Perfume on baby's head

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frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 09:57:20

Does anyone else with a young baby find it really bloody annoying when people hold your child and give them back to you stinking of perfume? Currently holding my baby son after a friend held him and he stinks of cheap perfume. About to baby wipe his head (which usually smells lovely and baby-like!). Would never say anything as she's entitled to her perfume, but can't help but feel slightly miffed by my stinky baby!

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sun 07-Apr-19 10:00:04

She must bathe in the bloody stuff if she managed to transfer it to his bloody head!

LostInShoebiz Sun 07-Apr-19 10:00:28

“Cheap perfume”? You sound a delight of a friend.

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Sun 07-Apr-19 10:00:43

Sorry, not bloody head, that sounds just wrong... His poor little head grin

AwdBovril Sun 07-Apr-19 10:01:12

YANBU. I absolutely hated this with a passion when DD was a baby. MIL uses a certain fragrance that I used to quite like, I loathe it now. Every bloody time we saw them, DD reeked of it.

WhiskersPete Sun 07-Apr-19 10:01:28

Yes MIL! It’s not a horrible perfume but it lingers on my baby and covers up her lovely baby smell. I know there are worse problems but...

MrBobLoblaw Sun 07-Apr-19 10:02:30

This is so PFB.

I remember feeling like this too OP hen DS was newborn. Then your little cherub does a shit so big it comes out by their neck and armpits and you start to worry less about the smell a bit of perfume transfer.

frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 10:02:43

@LostInShoebiz it is cheap perfume. It's £8 from Ann Summers and she loves it.

Glitterblue Sun 07-Apr-19 10:04:19

My granny used to do this to our cat, not quite the same I know, but when she'd looked after him when we were on holiday, he used to come home with his lovely fur stinking of a perfume she always wore but I couldn't stand!

gingajewel Sun 07-Apr-19 10:05:14

My dd head always used to smell of perfume and deodorant when she came home from nursery when she was little, I used to love it because it meant she was gettin lots of cuddles, very pfb of you!

MadameGazelleIsMyHomegirl Sun 07-Apr-19 10:05:39

It’s a sign that other people like your baby enough to give it a cuddle FGS.
I remeber dd coming back from nursery smelling of perfume. I was pleased as it showed the staff were looking after her.

MaggieAndHopey Sun 07-Apr-19 10:06:24

I used to notice this a lot when my children were babies. I was always reminded of the advice to people discovering apparently abandoned baby animals: not to handle them in case their mothers rejected them due to them smelling wrong. And that's how it felt to me - my baby would smell wrong! Not like themselves (or I guess, like me) for a while.

MaggieAndHopey Sun 07-Apr-19 10:07:11

I don't think you should feel bad about it, basically. We're just monkeys after all.

Slowknitter Sun 07-Apr-19 10:08:13

Massively pfb. The smell is transferring - it's not as though people are actually putting perfume on your baby. Also, it's not as if the cheap perfume you're sneering about is going to be any worse for your baby than Chanel. hmm

BertrandRussell Sun 07-Apr-19 10:09:00

Note to self. When I become a mil I will shower and put brand new clothes on before touching my grandchild. It will be OK because I will have submitted my request for a cuddle in triplicate with a week’s notice, so I’ll know when my appointment is and have plenty of time to prepare.

Merryoldgoat Sun 07-Apr-19 10:09:11

My MIL and my aunt both wear perfume and I like it when they give the baby back smelling of them - it means they’ve been cuddling him loads.

LostInShoebiz Sun 07-Apr-19 10:10:00

“Cheap” is subjective?

Is it ok for people to leave a waft of Killian on your PFB?

frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 10:10:10

Not my pfb grin it just irks me because I love his baby smell. But yes I'm glad he's getting lots of cuddles of course. Just would rather he didn't smell off Ann summers perfume! What's weird is that this specific perfume has pheromones in it designed to turn men on. Very weird...

Son is nicely baby wiped smile

RoyalChocolat Sun 07-Apr-19 10:11:49

YANBU - and you are not being PFB. I am currently holding DC4 and I hate it when she smells of perfume. My brother is the worst culprit (and he wears a really expensive perfume, the smell of which I like - but NOT on my baby!)

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Sun 07-Apr-19 10:12:44

Op - nicely - grow up

frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 10:12:52

It's not something I'm going to ever tell someone about in person. I just have this weird instinctive 'ugh, my baby smells wrong' response and feel a huge urge to wash him. I can't help it!

Nowthenforever2019 Sun 07-Apr-19 10:19:50

I agree with you OP. My baby comes back from the childminder smelling of her. I don't like it! It's not a horrible smell but I suppose deep down there's a lot going on subconsciously with smells, so it unwittingly puts my back up.

BetsyBigNose Sun 07-Apr-19 10:21:42

YANBU - I remember feeling almost exactly the same!

I'd take DD1 to nursery, smelling beautifully of 'baby' and would collect her smelling of a combination of the nursery employee's various perfumes/body sprays/ deodorants - I couldn't wait to get her home and into the bath, I used to think of it as 'reclaiming her'... Blimey, I was very OTT pfb, wasn't I?!

On second thoughts, maybe you are B(a teeney bit)U @frecklesbec, but I totally get it... I had chilled out a lot by the time I had DD2 though!

frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 10:25:08

It's only because he's teeny weeny still and I know his newborn smell won't last long so when I go to sniff his head and get a want of perfume I feel a bit ugh. It's very trivial, compared to the other issues in my life! But admit it's not a major issue at all. Just wondered if anyone else felt the same. I admit it's not a problem as such.

frecklesbec Sun 07-Apr-19 10:29:43

waft not want!

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