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Pain in left side after colonoscopy and endoscopy

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casperthefriendlyghoster Sun 07-Apr-19 08:57:35

Hi there everyone!

I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy under general anaesthetic on Thursday and had an overnight stay at the hospital afterwards.

I expected a bit of discomfort but not necessarily pain and I was discharged on Friday afternoon to go home with no further action.

Since then I'm shaky, I keep getting very hot and dizzy, and my stomach on the left side is in a lot of pain (and weirdly the exterior of it feels itchy!) it's quite swollen and I've had to put some M and S support pants on to feel like it's supported (I wish I was kidding).

They took some biopsies so I thought maybe this was the cause of the soreness but everything on doctor google is saying it shouldn't really hurt.

I don't want to waste anyone's time or the nhs's or be a drama queen but just laying here in bed the pain is sore to the point of distracting and it's worse when I stand up. Anybody else had similar or can offer any advice?

Thanks in advance if anyone could offer some insight! 😊

Fairylea Sun 07-Apr-19 08:59:15

I would go to A and E and have it checked out. You want to be sure they didn’t damage anything when they did it - it’s very rare but if you’re in serious discomfort I would want to be checked over. (I’ve had both and didn’t have any pain afterwards).

Cornettoninja Sun 07-Apr-19 09:00:41

Could you give the endoscopy unit a ring and see what they say?

Depending on what you’ve had done I suppose something could have been aggravated but you really need to speak to someone who knows 100% what they’re talking about.

bellabasset Sun 07-Apr-19 09:05:53

My dh had several of these, he had one under GA and the rest with sedation. He had no or little discomfort afterwards. It takes time for the GA to wear off which might account for you being shaky. But if you're in pain call 111 and get advice.

casperthefriendlyghoster Sun 07-Apr-19 09:39:24

Thank you I'll see how I get on today and maybe if I still have pain tomorrow phone the GP. I'm probably just being a wuss!

Ihatehashtags Sun 07-Apr-19 12:14:17

You could have an infection. I’d go to doctor or A abd E.

Candleglow7475 Sun 07-Apr-19 12:20:10

I’ve got crohns and have lots of colonoscopies with biopsies. I would say pain & discomfort after this long is unusual and you need to get it checked out, there is (small) risk of bowel perforation from this procedure.
I’d be a bit concerned as you’ve had it under general so you wouldn’t have shown pain at the time they’re doing it, I’ve had under light sedation and just gas & air and only had mild discomfort on the same day afterwards. Never had any ill effects the day after.

shakenfizzydrink Sun 07-Apr-19 12:28:19

Op I'd have that checked out ASAP. Don't wait.

maddening Sun 07-Apr-19 12:36:52

I would go and get check, have had endoscopy(both ends same time) and had each end done separately and no after effects apart from farting.

Cornettoninja Sun 07-Apr-19 12:37:19

Hope you’ve at least rung the endoscopy unit or 111 for advice. It’s much easier to get these things assessed during the day than at night (even at the weekend).

MissConductUS Sun 07-Apr-19 12:41:10

I have ulcerative colitis (in remission now) and have had at least 15 colonoscopy procedures with biopsies and no discomfort afterwards. Ring the doctor's number and ask for a call back. There is the risk of injury.

Greeborising Sun 07-Apr-19 12:46:25

I agree with A&E tbh op.

TheDarkPassenger Sun 07-Apr-19 12:49:04

I had strange pain in my left side after my coeliac biopsy but it comes and goes and I have no other symptoms with it, apart from it makes me poo.

With your other symptoms I would 100% get checked out, biopsies may sound like little procedures but there can still be complications!

mumwon Sun 07-Apr-19 12:50:53

A & E dh developed bacteraemia (slow onset) after colonoscopy - there are other side effects - I would go to a & e better safe than sorry

casperthefriendlyghoster Sun 07-Apr-19 13:01:28

Thanks all I've rung the endoscopy unit as suggested and spoken to a nurse. She's said it's not normal and best to get to a walk in clinic.

I just don't like the idea of wasting anybody's tired or just being a bit of a wuss. I was clinging onto the side of a table whilst trying to stand up last night because the pain in my side was so bad but sometimes I think I must just have a low pain threshold!

shakenfizzydrink Sun 07-Apr-19 13:03:19

I hope you're on your way op. You're not wasting anyone's time, you need to be seen. I hope you feel better thanks

NanooCov Sun 07-Apr-19 16:37:41

Hope you're getting checked out. My dad had sepsis after a colonoscopy so please don't treat your symptoms lightly.

casperthefriendlyghoster Sun 07-Apr-19 19:35:58

Just a quick update everyone- the nurse talked to me for about 2 minutes then sent me to A and E as my symptoms might be pointing to something a bit sinister. Thanks for all your help- I'm sure it'll be fine but best to get checked out I guess

Candleglow7475 Sun 07-Apr-19 20:22:48

Glad you’ve been seen, please keep us updated and fingers crossed for you it’s not too serious 🤞

NicoAndTheNiners Sun 07-Apr-19 20:32:00

Glad you're getting seen, hope it's nothing serious.

Cornettoninja Sun 07-Apr-19 20:32:37

Glad you’ve been seen, hope everything is okay flowers

steff13 Sun 07-Apr-19 21:06:45

Good luck. I hope it's something simple.

NanooCov Sun 07-Apr-19 21:10:42

Glad you're getting checked thanks

aimingforpb Sun 07-Apr-19 21:27:48

Hope you're okay OP. thanks

PoppyD93x Sun 07-Apr-19 21:46:08

Thinking of you op

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