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To wonder what you would give up

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Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:04:39

if you had to choose between sun soaked holidays (or any other holiday including weekend breaks), sex (including diy), sugar (don't forget that means no alcohol!) and sleep (knock one hour off your usual nightly quota) for the rest of your lives,what would it be?
For me it's a close tie between the holidays and the sleep,but my sensible side tells me,as an insomniac, I really should forgo the holidays as if I lose any more sleep I'd be carrying that luggage under my sodding eyes! So go on then what are you giving up,and remember it's for life not just for lent!

IVEgottheDECAF Sun 07-Apr-19 06:05:41


MangoBiscuit Sun 07-Apr-19 06:09:58

Why does sugar include alcohol?

DreamInDreamer Sun 07-Apr-19 06:18:34


Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:21:52

Because alcohol contains sugar Mangobiscuit ....I know bummer init?

MangoBiscuit Sun 07-Apr-19 06:24:25

Not all alcohol contains sugar though. Vodka has no sugar for example.

FiveLittlePigs Sun 07-Apr-19 06:27:04

Holidays. I've not had a holiday in 3 years BUT I work for myself: can choose when I work and can take time off at a whim and I have a lake in my extremely large "garden" so wandering around that is a break.

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:28:04

Really? Well shows how much I know! Okay then you can have your non- sugar containing alcohol then. Soz about that blush

Oysterbabe Sun 07-Apr-19 06:32:01

Sleep. I haven't had a good night's sleep since getting pregnant with my DD 4 years ago.

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:32:35

Your garden sounds amazing FiveLittlePigs I wouldn't be too fussed about holidays in your shoes either!

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:33:59

So you would be happy to lose even more sleep Oysterbabe?

RuggyPeg Sun 07-Apr-19 06:38:50

Holidays. I don't do them anyway as I'm terrified of flying and have already been everywhere I want to go and have a very privileged life at home that I'm happy with. im also no longer arsed about sex either, so that can go too

Try and deprive me of sugar n sleep tho......

Bloodybridget Sun 07-Apr-19 06:46:06

Sex. Nearly 20 years post menopause, I can barely remember it anyway!

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:48:59

Oh well if you're gonna forgo two things RuggyPeg perhaps I'll be allowed my holidays back. I'll need to check the rules of course,but thanks very much!

starabara Sun 07-Apr-19 06:54:12

I’ll do without sleep. Every time.

Life without sex sounds like torture to me.
Life without holidays is a basically working with lot of effort for no reward.
Life without wine would make the above two very much less desirous.

Mummadeeze Sun 07-Apr-19 06:56:36

Sugar, I would been nice and slim and healthy and ready to have lots of sex on holiday!

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 06:59:45

I like the way you think starabara but what if the lack of sleep make you too tired for sex?

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 07:03:17

Good call Mummadeeze. I would personally miss the sangria to go with that sun and sex though.

RainbowWaffles Sun 07-Apr-19 07:13:03

By process of elimination, sugar. It’s bad for you anyway and I would look better for all the holidays and sex. I would miss beer and wine, but would find a got to sugar free booze option instead.

Foreverexhausted Sun 07-Apr-19 07:18:20

sun soaked holidays

I used to LOVE sun soaked holidays and I've travelled quite a bit. I used to have a great sex life! I used to LOVE my sleep and would look forward to my lazy Sunday mornings in bed, which included having great sex, and I also enjoyed a bit of chocolate/cake now and again because I went to the gym 5 times a week......and then I had three children in three years.

I've already given up sun soaked holidays, sex and sleep and I couldn't live without sugar now that and caffeine keep me going and sane!

Hiddenaspie1973 Sun 07-Apr-19 07:18:37

Sex or sugar, I can't decide.

strawberriesandsugar Sun 07-Apr-19 07:27:07

Holidays are the whole reason I work
Sex- well come on
Sugar- wine and chocolate
Sleep- I wouldn't enjoy any of the above without a good nights sleep.

BadLad Sun 07-Apr-19 07:35:26

I would give up an hour's sleep out of that lot. Love the others too much.

Aprillygirl Sun 07-Apr-19 07:50:37

strawberriesandsugar you HAVE to choose ONE! I know it's hard and you can take your time but thems the rules I'm afraid!

floribunda18 Sun 07-Apr-19 07:53:35

Sex. I hardly have sugar except in the form of alcohol. If I had to keep only one it would be sleep. Lovely sleep.

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