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SneakyGremlins Sun 07-Apr-19 00:15:07

Just when I thought it was going to be dull on here tonight.

I assume school holidays have started? grin

IWantMyHatBack Sun 07-Apr-19 00:15:51


MatthewBramble Sun 07-Apr-19 00:16:00

Gotta love him. Girlfriend (his first) has probably dumped him.

NotMyUsualTopBilling Sun 07-Apr-19 00:16:07

My thoughts exactly, sleepover season is upon us.

Either that or Momo is real after all 🤣

SneakyGremlins Sun 07-Apr-19 00:16:34

Ah, young heartbreak. When I went through it I just developed a lindt addiction.

DramaAlpaca Sun 07-Apr-19 00:16:53

I think so, we've got a prolific & very unfunny eejit spamming the boards tonight.

JaneJeffer Sun 07-Apr-19 00:17:39

Sneaky grin

elQuintoConyo Sun 07-Apr-19 00:17:49

A total loser a very bored Trump-light

BaronessBomburst Sun 07-Apr-19 00:19:01

Gremlins you meany! I only clicked on this thread for the abuse.
I'm disappointed.

MatthewBramble Sun 07-Apr-19 00:19:33

Personally, I went out and discovered draught Guinness.

kaytee87 Sun 07-Apr-19 00:19:38

<busy choking on a juicy dick>

kaytee87 Sun 07-Apr-19 00:21:27

I'm impressed he knows the word 'pretentious', I'm not sure I did when I was 12.

LondonHuffyPuffy Sun 07-Apr-19 00:21:34

I used to post on RollonFriday and it was a favourite game of the terminally pathetic to try to get all of the threads on one page in their username.

This one seems nowhere near bright enough to post on RoF though

SneakyGremlins Sun 07-Apr-19 00:21:46

Kaytee, put Richard down.

@BaronessBomburst I'm so sorry wink I could send you a gift by way of apology?

MatthewBramble Sun 07-Apr-19 00:22:02

kaytee87 Giving a bj and being able to type with no errors/typos is a bloody amazing achievement!

SneakyGremlins Sun 07-Apr-19 00:22:12

What's Rollonfriday?

BartonHollow Sun 07-Apr-19 00:23:34

Schuyler Sun 07-Apr-19 00:24:43

It went so fast, Night Watch on are on it!

GinUp Sun 07-Apr-19 00:26:11

The poor wee lamb probably lost his blankie and couldn't sleep.

RubberTreePlant Sun 07-Apr-19 00:26:25

Not exactly witty, is he?

ANightWatcher Sun 07-Apr-19 00:27:31


LondonHuffyPuffy Sun 07-Apr-19 00:28:24

SneakyGremlins it’s a website for bored lawyers with a chat section. They tried to do an invasion of MumsNet some years ago and had their arses kicked.

PurpleDaisies Sun 07-Apr-19 00:28:27

It went so fast, Night Watch on are on it!

They’re still all over the boards. It’s nit exactly high class trolling.

elQuintoConyo Sun 07-Apr-19 00:30:58

I've reported 6 so far.... Seems they're heading for gransnet. Good luck to them! My DGM would've given him short shrift.

GinUp Sun 07-Apr-19 00:31:22

The "Die Mumsnetters!" posts are quite amusing really when you consider that he technically became a MNer himself when he signed up. grin

Not the brightest spark in the fireplace...

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