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AIBU to think this holiday is too much?

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tootlepootleschmootle Sat 06-Apr-19 22:32:17

DH has planned a trip for this summer, wants to book flights before prices go up. I think flight times are silly with our DS, and too much in such a short amount of time. He thinks I'm BU and boring, should I just do it?

Flight to Spain 5am, we would have to get 20mo DS up at 2am to do this. Four days in Spain before flight to Porto. Half a day there and two hour train to Lisbon, two days there. Fly to Vienna at 9pm for one and a half days, before hiring a car and driving half way to Slovenia, staying in air b n b, waking up and continuing drive to Slovenia where we stay for two days before flying home to airport far from our home, which gets in at 6pm, and then requires a four hour train (or 2 and a half hours if he can convince MIL to drop us at another station from the airport)

I'd be happy with a week in Cornwall with DS. I'm happy to go somewhere more exciting, but can't help feel it's all a bit much, but DH calling me boring and saying things like we shouldn't be together if I'm not up for things like this, babies travel all the time, blah blah blah.

BeardedMum Sat 06-Apr-19 22:33:41

I love travelling but that is crazy stuff!

Pixilicious Sat 06-Apr-19 22:33:51

Why the need to go to so many places??

Alsohuman Sat 06-Apr-19 22:34:05

That sounds like my idea of hell. You’d come back exhausted.

tootlepootleschmootle Sat 06-Apr-19 22:34:05

Just reading that post back has made me exhausted, I'm not BU am I?

QOD Sat 06-Apr-19 22:34:17

Has he thought about proper car seat ? You’d have to take one for the drive. Extra luggage etc

MuddyMoose Sat 06-Apr-19 22:34:59

It sounds very exciting but I wouldn't do this kind of trip with a toddler. I have a 2 year old & I can just imagine the sheer over-tired toddler hell & routine unsettlement a trip like this would cause.

tootlepootleschmootle Sat 06-Apr-19 22:35:06

Yeah he's thought about the car seat. Not sure why so many places. He follows lots of Instagram travel families and I think likes the idea of our son having been to loads of countries at a young age.


Mummyshark2018 Sat 06-Apr-19 22:35:48

I love travelling and try to get 3-4 abroad trips a year with 1 dc but I think this is too much travelling all in one go. At most I would have 2 different places staying for a min of 4-5 days in each. Early morning flights don't bother me and dc has always been fine- usually just pick up from bed and into car then into a pram. Usually then wakes for a while then a good sleep in plane.

NWQM Sat 06-Apr-19 22:35:55

As you say OP I'm tired just reading.

Is your DC a 'good' travel? My son would have thrown up a lot during all that.

Wolfiefan Sat 06-Apr-19 22:36:02

If he’s going to pack and look after the overtired LO then YABU.
If it’ll be down to you to do everything? Then he’s a twat.
Does he spend much time with your child? Has he ever seen an overheated and overwrought and exhausted toddler? hmm

mollpop Sat 06-Apr-19 22:36:38

It's bonkers. Would be good when he's older

IrregularCommentary Sat 06-Apr-19 22:37:20

Amazing holiday for the two of you. Like fuck would I do that with my 2yo. That's so much cooped up travel time for an energetic toddler!

bakingdemon Sat 06-Apr-19 22:37:41

You could spend a week in Vienna alone (so many places to eat kuchen...) so this is madness. Maybe if you were an American college student wanting to see as much of Yurp as possible on your spring break it would make sense?

tootlepootleschmootle Sat 06-Apr-19 22:37:44

We made the most of my maternity leave as I'm a teacher, so wanted to go away non school holiday time. We had some lovely trips and DS was mostly v good on them, but was under the age of one and quite portable and breast feeding- makes things much easier then, doesn't it?

Theredjellybean Sat 06-Apr-19 22:38:14

That is a completely stupid idea.
Really selfish and stupid
No holiday just some idiot who wants to Instagram boast about their travels
Your son won't know or care what counties he has been too...
If he actually had ds interest at heart he'd be wanting to wait until ds old enough to participate in travels, plan, get something out of it...
He is a baby not an Instagram accessory

strawberriesandsugar Sat 06-Apr-19 22:38:50

No. 10 days lying in the sun and a 40 min drive to airport is fine with me (and we travel a lot) wait until kids kids are older at least

Merryoldgoat Sat 06-Apr-19 22:38:52

FFS. What’s wrong with people? Of course YANBU.

N0Time Sat 06-Apr-19 22:39:18

Hahahaha! Not a fucking chance could I be persuaded to go along with that!

ittakes2 Sat 06-Apr-19 22:39:20

I have traveled all over the world with my twins since they were 6 months of age. Their first overseas flight was a 28hr journey to australia.
But I would say no to your trip. Way too much travel in too short a period. Even for an adult I think! He seems to be bouncing all over the place. Planes, trains....all too much.

tootlepootleschmootle Sat 06-Apr-19 22:40:24

@Theredjellybean I've tried having this conversation so so so many times but it falls on deaf ears.

I know my little boy could have an absolutely amazing time in Cornwall or Devon for a week- Ice cream, see the boats, try fish and chips, paddle in rock pools, use a little fishing net, see the arcades... but it's an absolute NO from DH as not adventurous enough

Youseethethingis Sat 06-Apr-19 22:40:32

That sounds like an absolute nightmare with a 20 month old. I would get grumpy and tired on that schedule and I’m 30!
Can’t you compromise and say to DH one city trip for two days followed by 5 days in a family friendly resort?
Or take him up on his kind offer to split up if he can’t see that his wife and child are more important than his wanting to pretend he’s a student travelling for the summer. Nuclear option but really, is he usually such a twat to you both? Shitty thing for him to say.

ALLMYSmellySocks Sat 06-Apr-19 22:40:33

Even without kids that sounds stressful with a toddler it sounds like a nightmare! Choose one place two at the absolute most and visit them properly -save the other destinations for next year. This sounds more like the itinerary for a summer inter-rail trip with a bunch of undergrads!

Ithinkmycatisevil Sat 06-Apr-19 22:40:44

That's a lot of packing and unpacking with a 20 month old. I'm not sure I'd be up for it. When dd1 was about the same age we went on a 10 hour round trip car ride, it wasn't much fun, and can only imagine what driving to Slovenia with a toddler wouldn't be much fun either.

Merryoldgoat Sat 06-Apr-19 22:41:27

I just read that itinerary out to DH - he said ‘why would you want to do that ANYWAY?’

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