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To ask best cure for chronic constipation

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Somethingsosimple Sat 06-Apr-19 21:12:45

Tried syrup of figs, prune juice loads of water and loads of fruit. Still no joy. Getting desperate now. Been for long walk too. Can anyone share your best cure for constipation please

Whatelsecouldibecalled Sat 06-Apr-19 21:14:08

Senakot over night stuff is good. Raise your feet when on the loo too so more in a squating position. As much water as you can manage. It’s awful you have my sympathies

WonderTweek Sat 06-Apr-19 21:14:47

Strong filter coffee in the morning. Always does the trick for me. 😁 My mum eats a lot of apples and carrots when she's constipated and she swears by them. Hope you feel better soon!

cobblett36 Sat 06-Apr-19 21:15:01

Down a redbull! Works wonders.

Xenadog Sat 06-Apr-19 21:15:05

Psyllium husk powder. Buy from Holland and Barrett.

Amazing stuff!

Boom45 Sat 06-Apr-19 21:15:32

My DD suffers with constipation. The only thing that helps is Movical on prescription, and that works really well.

BluishMoon Sat 06-Apr-19 21:16:52

Strong black coffee and a cigarette
Magnesium oxide, taken before bed

Fiveredbricks Sat 06-Apr-19 21:18:14

Sugarfree haribo bears from Amazon. The sweetner is known to cause poonamis in adults

LoveMyPeanut Sat 06-Apr-19 21:18:47

Yup, magnesium oxide - Andrew's salts have dosage instructions on the side for constipation.

Theyellowsquare Sat 06-Apr-19 21:22:34

Aldi bizzarely. More specifically the second aisle 😀

MrsHarveySpecterV Sat 06-Apr-19 21:24:47

Senokot liquid works wonders!

Prisonbreak Sat 06-Apr-19 21:26:29

Butter popcorn and black grapes

sweetkitty Sat 06-Apr-19 21:26:51

Turn vegan, have kale based smoothies tonnes of fruit and veg, honestly I pooed my insides out!

DrVonPatak Sat 06-Apr-19 21:26:52

Boil 500ml water with 3 teaspoon sugar. When it bubbles up, remove from heat and add 4 teaspoons ground coffee. Return to heat until it rises to the edge, remove and stir down and heat up to the edge once more. Pour into a cup and add milk to taste.

The constipation will be terminated within 2 hours. Make sure loo isn't clogging up easily.

myidentitymycrisis Sat 06-Apr-19 21:28:59

Puritee from Holland and Barrett. It works for me and I have a 'lazy bowel'. take a cup at bed time. If it doesn't work, try again the next night. Never fails.

I also find that lots of squats or exercise that twists the torso (imagine kayaking) sometimes works.

Jeds55 Sat 06-Apr-19 21:29:12

Lactoluse and caffeine. Hope it clears it

Unburnished Sat 06-Apr-19 21:35:25

glycerine suppository one end and Dulcolax the other end.

Stay near the loo...

MakeLemonade Sat 06-Apr-19 21:35:34

Running does it for me, not too far mind!

Strong coffee and a cigarette used to be my less healthy constipation cure.

ivykaty44 Sat 06-Apr-19 21:43:09

kale broccoli 🥦 green beans chickpeas, artichokes, carrots & hummus. Apples, lentils, porridge and prunes

All those foods seem to keep everything on the move, along with plenty of fluid

ScreamScreamIceCream Sat 06-Apr-19 21:43:46

A tin of sweetcorn per day.


Coffee, fruit, prune juice don't work regularly enough.

Igetknockeddownbutgetupagain Sat 06-Apr-19 21:47:45

An at home enema kit. You can get them from amazon. It’s basically just pushing some water in to soften them up. Childhood illness, lots of steroids and now dodgy bowels. I do pretty well considering I can go days with no movement...

dorisdog Sat 06-Apr-19 21:47:56

Stool softeners overnight. Then an ongoing diet of lots of fruit, veg and pulses. Psylium husks (tsp) mixed with water once a day to 'firm up' but soften your poo. Also, legs up on the toilet seat so you're in a squatting position. Good luck. (You can tell I've been through this, can't you?)

ALLMYSmellySocks Sat 06-Apr-19 21:49:10


VampirinaHauntley Sat 06-Apr-19 21:54:56


You can buy over the counter but it works without stomach cramps etc

Somethingsosimple Sat 06-Apr-19 21:56:32

Thanks so much for suggestions. I will go shopping tomorrow and try some of the recommendations

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