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Exasperated with in laws

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Home77 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:02:08

I love my in laws. However they are quite eccentric and difficult in some ways. They like everything to be a certain way. They have a small antique shop...and they are starting to struggle with it now they are getting older (in late 70s) and FIL has a health condition as well.

However they have had it 20 years so why would they stop now. They don't need the money from the shop, as they have pensions etc and savings, so it is a vanity project really. In fact it is a worry as it costs a lot to let and the rates go up etc.

Things are coming to a head recently and I really don't know what their plan is. FIL needs to drive in with MIL every day as she can't drive, but he is struggling to drive himself due to his health condition. Their house in the middle of nowhere is also filled with antiques and old furniture and it seems, they might be stuck there if he can't drive.

I wondered if they might move to a ground floor flat in town and they could keep up the things they enjoy such as going to the shops and out for coffee. But now they are stuck with the shop full of stuff and a house unsuitable to live in...(FIL won't be able to manage stairs much longer and no room on ground floor suitable to sleep in)

DH has been giving MIL a lift in to the antique shop but it is an hour round trip and he has his own work to do.

I feel sad and a bit cross they don't seem to plan at all and it will all be a huge drama in the end and we'll end up having to step in and help sort it all out, and they will feel like they have lost everything.

Aquamarine1029 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:31:22

Why isn't your husband trying to get through to them? They're his parents after all.

Home77 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:32:43

Apart from them being quite stubborn and in denial about the situation, DH feels the shop keeps them going and seems quite attached to it.

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