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To think my DH has the same cold the rest of us have? (Lighthearted)

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Thegoodthere Sat 06-Apr-19 17:43:09

DH has come down with The Cold of Death and has weakly moaned that it must be affecting him differently to the rest of us, because he has never felt so ill. He's coughed twice in the last 24 hours.

The Dressing Gown of Poorliness has come out and he's unable to leave the sofa. I've been working and parenting non-stop. AIBU to hit him with a wet fish? (Lighthearted before some of the more anal posters on here accuse me of cruelty to men and fish)

Palominoo Sat 06-Apr-19 19:42:23

Ask him what songs he'd like at his funeral and does he mind moving into the spare room whilst he's ill.

NoParticularPattern Sat 06-Apr-19 19:45:13

The dressing gown of poorliness gringrin

Yes YABU since we all know it will be you who ends up clearing it up. Use something less messy instead! A wet flannel that’s been sat in the washing machine for a bit too long perhaps?

NoParticularPattern Sat 06-Apr-19 19:46:01

If that doesn’t rally him I suggest you start writing his eulogy. Out loud.

Grisaille Sat 06-Apr-19 19:51:58

In fairness, DH, DS(6) and I have all had colds this week, but while neither of the other two have missed school or work, and have just been sniffly and had a bit of a cough, I could barely lift my head off the pillow for two days, coughing endlessly, hot prickly eyes, streaming eyes and nose, no appetite, just wanting to sleep, and today I’m still weak and I look absolutely awful. And I’m actually generally stoical.

Siameasy Sat 06-Apr-19 19:56:44

Abusive Op
Abusive to the poor suffering man

Whatififall Sat 06-Apr-19 19:58:41

If he has to get the dressing gown out then he is clearly very, very ill. YABU. Poor man.

Thegoodthere Sun 07-Apr-19 12:04:36

@grisaille, I would understand that if he showed any signs at all of being ill. But despite complaining he's got the cough and the bunged up nose and the shivers, I've not seen any of that. He's just lying on the sofa napping and watching sport. I've also been treated to several monologues about his dire illness.

(tbf he's not normally lazy, so clearly something's up)

Candleglow7475 Sun 07-Apr-19 12:10:53

I hear you, whenever my dh has the same cold as the rest of us, he insists ‘you’ve got a milder version of what I’ve got’!!

UserFriendly14 Sun 07-Apr-19 13:05:50

Me and 5 month old DS have been battling the cold since Wednesday without so much as a howdy doodly from 'D'H. He comes downstairs this morning and announces that he too now has The Cold. Then pisses off for a 4 hour bike ride... confused

Feeling your pain OP!

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