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Just got told to F Off by cold caller.

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mummmy2017 Sat 06-Apr-19 12:44:36

I do laugh about this.
I get a man saying from credit investigations calling.
So I ask him if he got up this morning and is proud of how he was going to scam people, how he can face his family knowing what his job involved..
He told me to F off and hung up...
My child is laughing at me..

PCohle Sat 06-Apr-19 12:46:13

You both sound pretty rude tbh.

Why not just say you're not interested and hang up rather than harangue a stranger about how he's earning a living?

ThatssomebadhatHarry Sat 06-Apr-19 12:46:55

Have a cup of tea sit back and bask in the knowledge that you touched a nerve.

Redshoeblueshoe Sat 06-Apr-19 12:48:00

I consider it an achievement if they tell me to fuck off.
And before anyone moans about people doing this type of work I have TPS, so they can fuck off

Redshoeblueshoe Sat 06-Apr-19 12:48:30

Wow I was too slow !

Redshoeblueshoe Sat 06-Apr-19 12:50:25

I get tons of calls alledging to be from BT, I don't have anything to do with BT, so scammers can all FOTTFSOFF

QueenEhlana Sat 06-Apr-19 12:52:38

@PCohle - erm, because they're scammers? Why the hell should anyone be polite to scammers? confused

formerbabe Sat 06-Apr-19 12:53:38

I had a scammer call me and say that they could see my computer was broken or had a virus...I pretended to believe them. It was so much fun...I pretended to cry and then begged them to help me.

She put the phone down on me grin

QueenEhlana Sat 06-Apr-19 12:53:58

I've been getting a bloody automated Talk Talk message telling me to press 2 to stop from getting my internet disconnected.... Never been with Talk Talk Just wish there was a live person to wind up.... But I do say 'fuck off' just in case they are recording it, or have the automated message on speaker grin

Heismyopendoor Sat 06-Apr-19 12:56:06

Oh I love playing with them!😂 9 times out of 10 they aren’t fromthe uk and I love winding them up.

Sometimes I will pray from them, once I told the accident claim people that I had been in an accident but it’s waskt my fault (he kept asking that) it wa the supermarkets fault for selling me three bottles of wine for £10 which I then then drank in the car before driving away, sometimes I play them at their own game and go along with it to make them think they have got their scam on and pull away at the last moment, sometimes I let my toddlers (back in the day!) talk to them, sometimes I try and sell them something.

They are the highlight of my week.

Smelborp Sat 06-Apr-19 12:57:23

@PCohle you realise this is someone calling out of the blue to try and steal from people, don’t you? He’s hoping that he gets someone vulnerable enough to believe him.

GreenTulips Sat 06-Apr-19 12:59:03

LOL one yesterday said he needed 60 seconds of my time - I said ok I’m timing you! Then have him 10 seconds warning and counted down!!! Quite funny he was panicking

RaskolnikovsGarret Sat 06-Apr-19 12:59:04

I usually feel sorry for them, as they are often just trying to earn a living thing by doing a rubbish job, and are given the script by their employer. I just politely tell them that I’m not interested, and put the phone down.

Rottencooking Sat 06-Apr-19 12:59:59

@PCohle earning a living!! Would you say that about someone who sells weed for a living 😂 christ

DanielRicciardosSmile Sat 06-Apr-19 13:00:08

@PCohle If someone is earning a living by stealing from them, they don't get the luxury of people respecting their life choices. This isn't a call centre trying to sell you double glazing, it's a criminal trying to con your credit card information from you.

DanielRicciardosSmile Sat 06-Apr-19 13:01:15

from others, sorry, not from them. That doesn't make sense.

mummmy2017 Sat 06-Apr-19 13:01:35

You feel sorry for a theif.
If they got your details and stole £3000 off you, would you still pity them?

Babdoc Sat 06-Apr-19 13:02:41

My sister has had great fun playing along with scammers. She puts on a frail little old lady voice, spends ages pretending to switch on her computer, pretends not to see whatever it is they want her to click on, and prattles away with irrelevant conversation, wasting tons of their time, until they finally realise they are being played and hang up in a temper! My BIL has had even more fun with scammers who pretend to be Microsoft engineers - he actually IS one!
I usually just hang up, but if feeling particularly annoyed will tell them to confess their crimes before they burn in Hell. Some of the more superstitious Nigerian “prince” bank account scammers gulp before hanging up...!

Coulddowithanap Sat 06-Apr-19 13:04:08

Last time I had one of these calls I was told I was the most polite lady the chap had spoken to all day. All I said was that they had the wrong number, they then wanted me to give my details but I said was too busy to take the call.

Sometimes I like to wind them up, usually when I'm bored and haven't spoken to anyone for a few days.

LagunaBubbles Sat 06-Apr-19 13:04:11

Haha only on Mumsnet would you get someone justifying trying to scam people out of money as "trying to earn a living"! grin

JustHereForThePooStories Sat 06-Apr-19 13:05:32

You both sound pretty rude tbh.

Why not just say you're not interested and hang up rather than harangue a stranger about how he's earning a living?

It’s a scam call designed to gain access to credit card details to steal money.

If you caught a thief with his hand in your bag, would you tell him to fuck off, or figure he’s just earning a living?

formerbabe Sat 06-Apr-19 13:05:36

Haha only on Mumsnet would you get someone justifying trying to scam people out of money as "trying to earn a living

How terribly British to be polite to people who are attempting to steal from you.

Weathermonger Sat 06-Apr-19 13:09:46

I have great fun with them. I feign interest then ask them to hold while I "answer the door", that takes a few minutes, I resume the conversation then find another excuse, and another to put them on hold. This can go on for a while. Eventually I just hang up. One man actually called back to complain that I hung up on him. I figure if I waste enough of THEIR time they won't call again. It seems to be working.

FrancisCrawford Sat 06-Apr-19 13:10:09

I try to keep them in the line as long as possible, to hopefully spare some poor soul who doesn’t realise they are being scammed. They are awful.

Your method of “you should be ashamed” obviously touched a nerve. Try channelling Ian Paisley and rave on about sinning, hellfire and damnation.

I have left the phone in front of a podcast of The Archers (confused them no end)

The accident ones I tell them I was decapitated and haven’t been able to do a single thing since them. Or that I’ve got memory loss and keep ask8ng “why are you calling?” If they say “because you were in an accident” I reply “Was I? I don’t remember”

Your PC is infected - I ask if I’m going to get the virus, if I should go to the doctor, if I should just throw it out etc. One said they would do a tune up for me, so I said I could get my piano tuner to do that, as he was coming next week

Reiti Sat 06-Apr-19 13:12:08

I'm terribly sorry Sir, you appear to have your hand in my bag...blush

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