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To leave money for cleaner for buyers?

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Shahlalala Sat 06-Apr-19 10:29:14

I’m not going to leave a mess! I will vacuum and do all sides and cupboards, but i’m Going to struggle to get it to an amazing standard with a 4 year old and I’m 22 weeks pregnant too (not that big I know but the whole move is exhausting me).
Would it be a CF thing to say I know it’s not immaculate, but here’s £50 towards a cleaner coming in?
They are re-doing the kitchen and redecorating other bits so it will need a clean after that anyway....

TheFaerieQueene Sat 06-Apr-19 10:32:03

Can’t you book a cleaner for the day you move, so they don’t have the hassle of finding one. It is your dirt after all.

EntirelyAnonymised Sat 06-Apr-19 10:34:23

I’d just book the ‘big clean’ for the week of your move and take the kids out for the day. Then all you and your DP need to do is run the vac around and wipe over the bathroom/kitchen tops before you leave for the final time.

Mememeplease Sat 06-Apr-19 10:35:50

As long as it's tidy and isn't minging, I wouldn't bother unless you can easily afford it. Most people clean anyway when they move in.

Perhaps a bottle of wine and card welcoming them to their new home, with a brief apology about it not being immaculate due to your pregnancy, might be a cheaper but nice touch.

somuchinfo Sat 06-Apr-19 10:35:54

Just pay for cleaner yourself to do it when all your stuff is out? Clear the top of house let her start upstairs while your clearing the bottom.

Pythone Sat 06-Apr-19 10:36:38

They won't be able to get it as clean once all their furniture and stuff is in, so I'd also say try to get it done before they move in if possible.

EstrellaDamn Sat 06-Apr-19 10:37:16

It'll be fine! As long as it's generally clean and not actually dirty, then don't go and spend money you probably can't easily spare!

PeanutButterBrownie Sat 06-Apr-19 10:38:46

Book the cleaner yourself

Stinkytoe Sat 06-Apr-19 10:39:25

To be honest I re-clean even the most spotless of houses upon moving in. It gives me peace of mind that it’s all fresh before my lot start making mess!

As long as you aren’t leaving it revolting I wouldn’t worry.

It’s a very kind thought though.

Shahlalala Sat 06-Apr-19 10:43:25

One of the main reasons for giving money rather than booking was because they are ripping out the kitchen and decorating, so going to mess it up.
It won’t be minging!!! And I’m happy to book it myself so might just do that.
Get on well with buyer so might just ask her which she would prefer.

alittlesnow Sat 06-Apr-19 11:03:03

Why would you 'scrub and clean to an amazing standard' for the new buyers anyway.

No-one does that. confused

Yeah if you're renting in private let (to ensure you get your deposit back!) but not when you're selling.

faeveren Sat 06-Apr-19 11:06:22

I think ask the buyer. I moved out of a rented house and the buyer told me they were renovating so not to worry about cleaning. They then moaned to any one who listened that the house was dirty. It wasn't that bad and I've never bought a house that has been deep cleaned before I moved in.

CatToddlerUprising Sat 06-Apr-19 11:08:35

How would you know they would use the money for a cleaner?

PCohle Sat 06-Apr-19 11:09:06

I'd book and organise it myself before the exchange.

Forcing them to organise it all and spend the first few nights in a house that's a bit gross isn't great in my view and I don't think £50 will be enough to get it cleaned to a decent standard.

heartshapedknob Sat 06-Apr-19 11:10:20

The last time we moved, I left one house sparkling clean and moved into a midden. It took three hours to steam the kitchen floor, cupboards covered in grease etc. Made moving day more difficult than it needed to be.

I’d book the cleaner and then if they make a mess when renovating it’s their lookout, but you’ll have been a decent vendor and left them a clean canvas at least.

funnelfanjo Sat 06-Apr-19 11:12:38

If it’s not minging and they are going to do work and decorate, then don’t worry. Most people expect to clean on moving in. If you’re talking a few cobwebs in the corner or shadows on the wall where you move furniture, that’s normal. Brown toilets are not.

PatchworkGirl Sat 06-Apr-19 11:17:41

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. Do what you can but as long as it's reasonable then leave it - they'll probably clean anyway before setting up furniture, etc.

I say this as someone whose first purchase was an absolute tip when we collected the keys - literal rubbish and food strewn everywhere. (Luckily we'd built in an overlap with our rented place so we had time to sort it!) I certainly wouldn't worry about somewhere not being immaculate.

lottiegarbanzo Sat 06-Apr-19 11:17:45

Buyers don't expect immaculate houses.

Their subsequent mess is neither your business nor your problem.

KitKat1985 Sat 06-Apr-19 11:21:41

£50 wouldn't cover the cost of a deep clean. To be honest as long as you leave the place in a reasonable condition, I think it's fine.

WaxOnFeckOff Sat 06-Apr-19 11:22:10

Why would you 'scrub and clean to an amazing standard' for the new buyers anyway. No-one does that.

Was it your house I bought last time?

Yes people do do that, why wouldnt you? People are paying £££ for your house, they don't want it full of your dirt. Last time we moved, we spent time making sure the house we left was immaculate even though we had 2 toddlers. The people we bought from left it filthy. That's really not on and not what I've generally experienced in many many moves.

EstrellaDamn Sat 06-Apr-19 11:23:16

Why would you pay to clean a house where the kitchen is about to be ripped out? It'll be a mess anyway.

Don't ask the new owner confused just make it the regular amount of clean and leave them to it.

Baffled by this!

insancerre Sat 06-Apr-19 11:24:02

No, people don’t deep clean houses on moving out
Unless they are renting and it’s in their contract

alittlesnow Sat 06-Apr-19 11:24:28

No, @WaxOnFeckOff when people are selling their house, they DON'T do 'deep-cleans' before leaving. Most people are too busy. What a bizarre thing to expect. confused Most people (like me) would simply leave it in a reasonable condition.

Purplecatshopaholic Sat 06-Apr-19 11:24:56

Good grief. You buy it, you clean it! As long as its not disgusting, let them sort it out. Particularly if they are doing work on the house, its going to get dusty etc anyway.

WaxOnFeckOff Sat 06-Apr-19 11:24:59

It doesn't have to be immaculate though OP. Hoovered with clean toilets and kitchen is perfectly fine. Sounds like they don't need it to be perfect as they are doing stuff anyway. Card and welcome bottle of wine will be a nice touch.

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