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To ask how to deal with insomnia?

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mcjx Sat 06-Apr-19 04:54:30

I've got the most terrible pregnancy insomnia. It's fucking hell and I just want to sleep!

What can I do? I just want to be enjoying a full nights sleep again sad

Fightthebear Sat 06-Apr-19 04:58:25

I saw it as good training for when the baby actually arrives.

Sorry, no advice, but it’s a pain.

mcjx Sat 06-Apr-19 05:04:13

@Fightthebear it's so awful and frustrating. Yep like you said the only positive is that I'm hoping it will somewhat prepare me for when he actually arrives sad

Patchworksack Sat 06-Apr-19 05:08:42

I'm not even pregnant. I think mine is perimenopause insomnia.

todayiwin Sat 06-Apr-19 05:13:13

Snap @Patchworksack I honestly think I will never sleep again.

Sorry OP ... I honestly think it's your body getting you prepped for little sleep.

You do get used to it thou 😆

sweetiepie1 Sat 06-Apr-19 05:22:31

No advice, but lots of sympathy as I'm going through the same! thanksthanks

CustardCreamLover Sat 06-Apr-19 06:18:19

@mcjx I'm sorry to tell you but it doesn't help at all 😔. I had terrible insomnia when I was pregnant but having a baby and not sleeping is a whole new ball game! Fortunately after a couple of months you do get used to it. My advice for when the baby arrives as everyone gave me (which of course I didn't listen to!) Is literally sleep whenever the baby is and don't do anything unless you absolutely have to in those first few weeks. I mean no cleaning, cooking, ironing etc. And drink up your little baby. Mine's about to be 11 weeks and I miss his tiny little newborn days already. And congratulations!!

ListenLinda Sat 06-Apr-19 06:26:43

No advice OP but I feel your pain, i’m doing through the exact same. Been wide awake since 3.30am and my toddler will be awake soon. 36 weeks pregnant and i just want to sleep sad

chuttypicks Sat 06-Apr-19 10:47:24

I feel your pain! I have a 6 month old and am pregnant again and I'm absolutely done in!! I've never been so tired in my life and I'm 38!!

faeveren Sat 06-Apr-19 10:59:39

I just want to be enjoying a full nights sleep again good luck with that I agree with others its natures way of easing you into sleepless nights.

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