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non EU passports

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EUHeartBreak Fri 05-Apr-19 23:36:21

I’ll BU I’m sure.

I just literally ran to see that my DC’s passports, received within the last two weeks, still said EU at the top. They do, thank God. Because they’re stopping that you know. Some people are already receiving passports that omit EU now. God help us.

victoriaspongecake Fri 05-Apr-19 23:55:58


Cheeserton Fri 05-Apr-19 23:58:35

Just a nonsensical rant really. What's the actual AIBU?

Poloshot Sat 06-Apr-19 00:15:47

Hope you're ok Op. Don't let it get you too down.

kaytee87 Sat 06-Apr-19 00:20:42

It's just some writing on a passport. What do you think it actually affects?
Do you think your kids will remain in the eu when /if we leave because of their passport design?

colehawlins Sat 06-Apr-19 00:24:14

You know, when we leave, that it won't matter what's written on the front of a UK issued passport, don't you?

colehawlins Sat 06-Apr-19 00:24:39

X post smile

breadzeb Sat 06-Apr-19 00:25:50

In don't really get what difference it makes?

Whatever the Brexit result, the front of your passport is irrelevant.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 06-Apr-19 00:27:45

Whatever the Brexit result, the front of your passport is irrelevant.

I wish someone had told the Leavers who wanted a blue passport back. Could have saved some trouble.

DanielRicciardosSmile Sat 06-Apr-19 00:38:32

I'm honestly curious, why the "thank God"? What added benefit do you think the letters E and U make to a passport? And why the "God help us"? I'm a remainer, but I really and truly can't see what difference it makes what colour a passport is and what letters it has on it.

LimeKiwi Sat 06-Apr-19 00:44:17

OK, I'm a little bit lost. What difference does it make whether it says EU at the top or not? confused

Namechangedforbabyname Sat 06-Apr-19 04:13:19

I don't see why other posters are being so rude. To anyone with half a brain Brexit and this entire mess is very distressing (and ridiculous, frustrating, a disaster...) and now there's a small chance it might not happen so I can totally understand OPs feelings.

HeronLanyon Sat 06-Apr-19 04:23:12

I totally get it. Whatever your Brexit position I think the removal of ‘European union’ form the front of passports is really significant. Surely those who want to leave will be pleased. Why can’t this who want to stay be upset ?
It is a signifier.

DanielRicciardosSmile Sat 06-Apr-19 12:55:07

But it's not any more or less likely to happen because of letters on a passport, surely? Or do you imagine the government are going to say "Well, we would have revoked article 50, but some passports have been issued without EU on them so now we've got no choice but to stick with it"? There are lots of things to be distressed about with regards to Brexit, but letters on a passport is right towards the bottom of the list.

HeronLanyon Sat 06-Apr-19 13:11:48

Think some are in touch with signifiers. They are important. Passports are important and what is written on them is significant. Totally understand you don’t agree but I get it.

megletthesecond Sat 06-Apr-19 13:14:20

I renewed early to make sure we still had the EU wording.
It's very sneaky of them to take that off before we've actually ledt.

stillpinching Sat 06-Apr-19 13:20:45

I saw someone posting this on twitter earlier and it upset me. I don't understand why some people are incapable of understanding why this would get to someone who doesn't want us to leave and is presumably holding out some hope that we may not, considering the shit-show of it and the illegality of it.

This is bad enough, but if they ever bring out those embarrassing made-in-France blue ones I couldn't bear to look at one.

BikeRunSki Sat 06-Apr-19 13:24:56

This is what the OP is on about.

Cheeserton Sat 06-Apr-19 13:26:24

Aware of the issue, hate Brexit. Still a bizarrely nonsensical post with no actual AIBU.

Coulddowithanap Sat 06-Apr-19 13:27:09

Does it really matter?

GregoryPeckingDuck Sat 06-Apr-19 13:28:55

I have a non-eu passport. It’s really not a problem. What you you think a label saying EU does exactly?

RoseAndRose Sat 06-Apr-19 13:30:01

what I don't get us why someone who is pro-EU has difficulty with the idea of using an EU supplier. As the difference in price was quite something, it couid well have happened at next contract renewal anyhow.

But I think it's Internet invention that any 'new-style' passports have been issued. Blue ones are not in use, and no change is being made to burgundy.

HeronLanyon Sat 06-Apr-19 13:47:10

I would think a leave supporter would find it similarly significant ! Surely? Think this just comes down to some people get it some don’t. No big thing.

SilverySurfer Sat 06-Apr-19 14:15:50

You are aware I presume that it doesn't mean your child will remain in the EU after we leave? hmm

ForalltheSaints Sat 06-Apr-19 14:51:24

An issue if you have a longer passport queue.

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