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AIBU to not know what to do?

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changemynameforthisone Fri 05-Apr-19 23:20:11

NC as this could be outing.

This is more of a WWYD but posting for traffic...

I've just begun my consultation period at work following restructure announcements. I'm devastated as I genuinely like my job and it fits brilliantly with my life. I also love my team.

In the new world there are a couple of jobs I can preference for. But I'd be one of around 7 people per role. And I can ask for voluntary redundancy. I keep being told to follow my gut but it changes daily.

In current company I have decent pay (could prob get up to 10k more externally but with other compromises like worklife balance.)

I have good benefits, flexible part time hours and work from home 50% of my week.

I am well thought of throughout my team and beyond. I am good at what I do.

The whole function is at risk and the new structure doesn't have any of the specialist roles I do at my grade. Only the grade above which I'm not allowed to apply for during the process. The roles I can apply for I don't really want.

The company isn't like it was when I joined a while ago. Lots of problems but the potential to be great again. Our director doesn't really value my specialism though which is partly why we're in this situation.

I guess I'm asking would you stay or go? I already have two definite applications externally and another in the pipeline. I have a good CV and enjoy interviews. But I'm so lucky to have the setup I have and am really not ready for this.

Any thoughts or advice?

PomBearWithAnOFRS Fri 05-Apr-19 23:37:04

Why are you not allowed to apply for the grade above?
To me that means they don't care how good you are, or they would want you to progress.
Go for one of the better paid jobs elsewhere, use the raise for extra childcare if you need it, or a cleaner, and then once the new company knows how good you are, negotiate on the working from home and such.
If your director doesn't appreciate you, another company will!

Pumpkintopf Sat 06-Apr-19 00:11:58

I'd take VR so you leave with a payout and look elsewhere. Once you're in you may be able to negotiate whatever work/life balance you need eg pt hours, wfh etc but probably easier when you've been there a while.

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 06:47:33

@PomBearWithAnOFRS it's part of the job security policy. Everyone's ringfenced at their current grade. It doesn't mean I can't apply for it if it's vacant at the end of the process but I have to ask for a job I don't want to get there hmm

tealandteal Sat 06-Apr-19 07:04:16

How much would you get for any redundancy payout? I am in a consultation period also, so I know how rubbish and stressful it is although I am lucky I am on secondment so have a role to fall back on

tealandteal Sat 06-Apr-19 07:05:41

Oops pressed post too soon. Just because you might accept a new role in the new structure, you don't need to stay there forever. You can use it as security whilst you look elsewhere.

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 07:07:35

@tealandteal I'm sorry to hear that. Horrid isn't it. I'd get around 15k I think. Possibly a bit more if I don't have to work notice period and that gets added on.

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 07:08:13

@tealandteal very good point. I just want the money as well blush

tealandteal Sat 06-Apr-19 07:17:01

Do you need the 15k to pay off debt etc, or would it just be nice. It depends on how easy it is to find a job in your field and how much of a risk it is I suppose.

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 07:20:46

We'd probably put £5k of it in savings and do our kitchen with the rest. It'd be welcome but we wouldn't want to live off it. The market for roles in my field isn't huge where I live but things do come up. Flexible and agile stuff also seems to be more common now where the role is London-based but you might be able to negotiate working from home and London mix. I'm ok with having to be in London one day a week.

daphine2004 Sat 06-Apr-19 07:37:09

@changemynameforthisone redundancies are difficult and throw up all sorts of emotions.

Within every redundancy there is an obligation to offer a redeployment period if going into a new role, this will last for a minimum of four weeks, however some people have contracts which state a longer time period. Whilst you’re in a redeployment period both you and the company are assessing your fit for the role and you’ll still be able to access redundancy if it’s not the right role for you.

As an option to consider, if you were to apply for a role which may not be what you want and are successful, you give yourself a bit extra time to see if there is a vacancy in a higher grade position which you can apply for at the end of the process. If the make do role isn’t for you then you just say it’s not working out and take the money, you would have them earned an extra month’s salary and still get your £15K. This also buys you time if you’re yet to be successful elsewhere.

Hope it all goes well.

Happynow001 Sat 06-Apr-19 07:37:25

The company isn't like it was when I joined a while ago. Lots of problems but the potential to be great again.

But I'd be one of around 7 people per role.
I'm not sure I'd stay in this situation. Sounds a negative place to be in irrespective of the salary and benefits.

I'd explore the external opportunities as early as possible and keep an open mind about pros (up to £10k salary uplift) and cons (work/life balance). Also bear in mind some of your colleagues will be in competition for the external jobs so better to move quickly to maximise your options.

Our director doesn't really value my specialism though which is partly why we're in this situation.
What will change in your current company after the consultation process if the director is still of the same mind?

If you left with your redundancy package I wouldn't touch the money for at least six months (rather than spend on a new kitchen, etc) to give yourself a cash cushion if needed in the first 6-12 months after leaving the current company.

Good luck with your decision OP.

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 07:47:55

@daphine2004 I think if I accept one of the roles I'd be losing the redundancy. I don't think I can have both. 

@Happynow001 the money definitely wouldn't be touched immediately. Good advice. One of the roles I've applied for is a year's contract so would need to be cautious. Also agree about us all competing for same roles externally which is why I'm starting now. But I hate having to string lots of employers along while I don't know my outcome. I can't not apply in case but I can't accept until I know if I'm placed in the new structure or redundant.

On the what would change with director's attitude to my specialism... answer is he needs it. He can't operate without it. And the reality is having got rid of all the roles at my level, it means either I'm allowed to go for one of the grades above or I might be very useful to the people in them as one of the few remaining experts. It's a potential opportunity I guess.

FrangipaniBlue Sat 06-Apr-19 07:49:02

I've been in this situation and I went.

I was actually offered another role but I turned it down because it wasn't what I wanted.

I got a similar payment to you.

It was the best thing I ever did, I got another job right away which in turn gave me a wealth of experience I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to get and I actually now work for myself freelance.


changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 07:55:54

@FrangipaniBlue oh what a positive outcome!! How did you manage to negotiate getting payment and being offered a role? I'm assuming if I'm offered a role and I turn it down that's resignation sad

daphine2004 Sat 06-Apr-19 08:38:49

@changemynameforthisone no, you wouldn’t lose out on redundancy as you’d be in a protected period called he redeployment period. Legally you’d have four weeks to test drive a new role before deciding if it’s for you or not.

If they say a role is a reasonable alternative there is a limited number of reasons why you can say you don’t find it suitable, as if you declined a role which didn’t fit into one of the reasons you would then be forfeiting your redundant. Hence trying it out first and then this solidifies your reasoning.

Have a look into it and see what what works best for you.

I hope it goes well for you.

daphine2004 Sat 06-Apr-19 08:40:25

Reasons for reusing a role are all down to changes to your existing contract: location, salary, hours, travel requirements etc. I can’t think of the rest off the top of my head.

daphine2004 Sat 06-Apr-19 08:40:51


FrangipaniBlue Sat 06-Apr-19 09:20:29


The company were offering the same payment terms for VR and Compulsory, the role they offered me wasn't like for like so even though I turned it down they still had to pay me the redundancy payment!

changemynameforthisone Sat 06-Apr-19 09:36:21

Hmmmm @FrangipaniBlue I might look at that as our CR and VR terms are the same. And the roles on offer are more than 20% different to mine.

Horsemenoftheaclopalypse Sat 06-Apr-19 09:37:43

Take the VR and get out to market now

The writing is in the wall somewhat at your current company
And from what you said the flexible lifestyle you enjoyed and valued will likely be gone post restructure anyway.

PregnantSea Sat 06-Apr-19 15:55:43

Apply for a job you don't want within the company to give you a chance at the job you do want if it's still available after the dust has settled. In the meantime look elsewhere. There's no law saying you have to accept a job if you are offered one. Keep your options open.

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