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Aibu re cleaning (or hinching)...

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Slimmer2018 Fri 05-Apr-19 20:44:01

So I like a clean house and enjoy cleaning (probably because my house is clean so it only takes a quick hoover round and dust) but I also keep on top of the more mundane tasks so it’s never a big deal. Anyway I somehow found a group on fb about mrs hinch, so joined for tips, I’ve never heard of her before nor have I seen her instagram posts or know of her cleaning method... but in just a week I have learned she’s a huge role model when it comes to cleaning (she must be raking it in from zoflora alone from pushing their product!!) so my AIBU is thinking did any of the people who now follow her ever clean before??? You have to read the posts to believe it, it’s like cleaning is a new thing! I’m amazed by it and wonder how these people ever coped before she introduced washing up liquid, fabric softener and disinfectant to their lives!! Or is it just me?....

Roxyxoxo Fri 05-Apr-19 20:46:28

The amount of products she uses as well is ridiculous, although I guess there’s worse things to spend money on than cleaning (and breathing in!) Zoflora is also really flammable when not diluted correctly and harmful for some animals, so not sure what the fuss is really!

Andromeida59 Sat 06-Apr-19 15:08:54

It's not "Hinching" it's cleaning. She hasn't invented anything. I really don't get the hype.

Jebuschristchocolatebar Sat 06-Apr-19 15:12:27

She is a one woman Toxic waste producer. Her house would be toast in a fire with all those chemicals and she doesn’t clean, she just wipes and sprays chemicals everywhere

MaverickSnoopy Sat 06-Apr-19 15:37:00

I read somewhere that she used to work in marketing before hairdressing. Not sure if that's true but it would explain a lot.

Charley34 Sat 06-Apr-19 16:24:30

Absolutely stupid cleaning has become' a thing' haha my nan's been doing this for 60 odd years !! All about showing off making money Etc and anyone that falls for it is just as daft!

Sparklesocks Sat 06-Apr-19 16:35:01

I think people have responded to her personality and sunny nature, she seems to really enjoy cleaning and has great enthusiasm for it so I think her followers who would maybe found cleaning dull before have tried to adopt her attitude to it.

kiki22 Sat 06-Apr-19 16:37:06

From what I understand she has made people feel that they can keep in top of a clean house. She does seem to be a nice gun person but her tips are nothing new she basically just recommends products that are good. I've tried some of her must have products some are good some I dont like but it's all things anyone can pick up.

This trend if having 12 bottles of toilet duck confuses the life out of me just why?

Slimmer2018 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:28:08

I remember my mum using zoflora 😂😂 (I’m in my 40s) from what I’m reading there are many that think just buying the products makes your house clean - err no - you have to actually use them too!

Slimmer2018 Sat 06-Apr-19 18:29:15

This trend if having 12 bottles of toilet duck confuses the life out of me just why?

I agree.... the pictures of some people’s stick piles are just crazy!

InspectorClouseauMNdivision Sat 06-Apr-19 18:31:51

Should be called "The little book of household chemistry".

Tbh many of the tips people are now "wowed" by from insta profiles are really something even our mother's used. There really isn't that much of groundbreaking going on in cleaning.

InspectorClouseauMNdivision Sat 06-Apr-19 18:34:21

Amazon never disappoints😂

Will it turn into new Haribo sugar free bears viral reviews? 😂

PlainVanilla Sat 06-Apr-19 18:34:29

I always thought that Zoflora was "frightfully common". Dettol, if necessary.
However, everyone seems to be "disinfecting" far more these days, and not in a beneficial way.
Why not settle for a dust and hoover once a week?

Cornettoninja Sat 06-Apr-19 18:34:45

It’s not a new thing though surely? It’s this generations Kim and Aggie or Mrs Beeton.

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