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Nasty Truck Driver

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Winenot78 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:21:17

Left my house this afternoon to get to an event at my DD's (5) school. I am full of cold and haven't been sleeping well for a couple of weeks so I am exhausted and emotional!

Anyway, I get on the car and realise that there is a large truck blocking my way. We live in a terrace where everyone parks on the road so it can get a bit tight when people are parked on both sides and it isn't a through road so only 1 way out.

This truck was (I found out when he finally moved) delivering to the offices opposite my house but was blocked himself by another car who had parked badly. I flashed to indicate I wanted to leave and he just sat there. After 5 or so minutes, as I was going to be late, I got out to ask if he could move for me/find out how long he might be. Before I even got to the truck to speak to the driver and owner of the parked car runs out to move so I got back into mine.

The truck driver then drives right up to my car, blocking me in, rolls down his window and starts screaming and shouting abuse at me for wanting him to get out of my way. As I said, I'm feeling a bit emotional and he got me so upset I drove off as soon as I could in tears and hours later I'm still fuming!

I really don't think he had any right to block my way out and I certainly don't think he had any right to shout at me like he did so WIBU to write a complaint to the company (I took pictures) or should I just relax and forget about it??

Yougotdis Fri 05-Apr-19 18:22:49

Write to the company and if they have it put it on there social media. Not acceptable behaviour at all.

breadzeb Fri 05-Apr-19 18:23:04

You took pictures? So you didn't just sit and wait for him to move then?

Winenot78 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:23:14

PS... He could easily have reversed back a bit into a sort of a layby just behind him to let me out!

Winenot78 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:24:18

I took pictures on my phone while I was sat waiting in my car...

HarrysOwl Fri 05-Apr-19 18:26:17

Why did you sit in the car and flash your lights at him rather than go and speak to him immediately to ask how long he'd be?

Instead you sat in the car feeling pissed off and took pictures?

I can see why he was riled up.

Cheeserton Fri 05-Apr-19 18:28:19

Hardly a reason to get shouty and abusive though.

LeggyLinda Fri 05-Apr-19 18:28:49

YANBU. Even though it may sound like he did you s favour as you sound unfit to drive - he didn’t know that and so I would report him for being a nob.

Winenot78 Fri 05-Apr-19 18:30:58

Well, when I got into my car I didn't realise he was just going to sit there, I thought he was in the process of moving, I also thought he might move for me when he realised I wanted to get out. I took the first pick thinking I'd send it to my DH jokingly saying I was stuck (thinking he'd move) and took the others of his reg and company after he'd shouted abuse at me.

regmover Fri 05-Apr-19 18:42:17

Good, now you know what to do - contact his employers.

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