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Seeleyboo Fri 05-Apr-19 17:16:13

My son was beaten up in Spain last September. They knocked his front teeth half out. He went to a local dentist who rebuilt them and this stopped any pain and kind of looked ok. When he returned to the UK he visited his usual NHS dentist and they said his faux teeth were fine even though they were too big and caused him pain and difficulty eating. Anyway after several visits of filing them down and reshaping etc they're still causing him issues. He was told he could have crowns if it continues. He's now asked for crowns and been told he can't have them. AIBU to tell him to push this further and demand them. It states in the NHS website he is entitled to crowns. Can anyone help please.

fluorescentflossie Fri 05-Apr-19 17:22:20

Crowns are available on the NHS, but only if the dentist thinks it is a suitable treatment option for him. It seems this dentist does not. Did they say why he couldn't have crowns? I would ask for a second opinion if you disagree.

fluorescentflossie Fri 05-Apr-19 17:24:34

If the dentist thinks a build up is appropriate in your sons case they will not offer crowns and it is something he would have to pursue privately if the consensus from the NHS is no.

Seeleyboo Fri 05-Apr-19 17:33:08

His build ups are still ill fitting. The dentist did say in the beginning that if the nerves died or if the pain continued with the builds he could have crowns. Now he's been seen weekly for a few months now and has asked for them and now they've refused. I told him to raise it with the practice manager and go to another dentist for a 2nd opinion, which he's going to do but in the mean time he's still in agony, still having trouble eating and bits keep falling off. Like today, he sneezed and a bit came off. angry

fluorescentflossie Fri 05-Apr-19 18:26:02

If he is in agony get him to ring for an emergency appointment. Are there multiple dentists at the practice? If so another one might see him so he will be able to find out what they think. Did the dentist tell him why they are now refusing to give crowns? If they tooth is still alive (which it sounds like it probably is if he is in pain, though it could be coming from elsewhere), most dentists tend to not want to place crowns as they will have to take away more tooth to be able to place it and this will generally kill the tooth. However as he is in pain it sounds like the nerve was exposed and has not had an appropriate covering put on it, or this covering/build up has come away. If it keeps chipping off it sounds like his opposing front teeth might be biting on the margin of the build up and that the force is too much for the build up to take so then a crown would be his best bet. Though if it is possible for his situation he wants to avoid getting a crown and try to keep the nerve alive in his tooth, as an alive tooth will be a lot less hassle in 10/20 years time than a dead one.

Also where are you based? Another option would be him to visit a dental hospital. The main treatment would be done by students, however fully overseen by dentists who have done more qualifications than a practice dentist and would be directing the treatment plan.

Seeleyboo Fri 05-Apr-19 19:54:06

That's amazing advice flossi. Many thanks.

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