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When to announce pregnancy

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adriennewillfly Fri 05-Apr-19 11:18:13

So, I'm pregnant again!

I'm going for my 12-week scan next week, and would love to announce as soon as possible, but my SIL is due around then, and I want to make sure I do the right thing in picking the time to tell DH's family. When should I announce? I'm already telling my family this weekend, but we're having trouble picking when to do it for his side of the family.

Hollowvictory Fri 05-Apr-19 11:19:15

Don't 'announce' just inform. I would suggest after 12 week scan but before due date.

Dyrne Fri 05-Apr-19 11:22:00

Tell them as soon as possible - i’m Sure they’ll be thrilled! Prob best to try and do it before SIL gives birth as it’ll probably be more difficult to find a time in the excitement of the birth.

Are you worried about upsetting SIL or taking the shine off her? You could always word it “I’m so happy we’re going to have children so close in age, the cousins are going to love playing together” or similar?

PeanutButterBrownie Fri 05-Apr-19 11:22:42

We agreed we would tell my parents, & PIL on same day so no one felt they'd been told "first". If you're telling your side this weekend (I assume that's what you meant by 'my family') then why not also let your ILs know too?

DappledThings Fri 05-Apr-19 11:24:07

We just told people when we saw them so some at 5 weeks, some at 15ish. Whenever it came up without planning a particular time.

recklessgran Fri 05-Apr-19 11:24:23

I'd let them all know before SIL's baby arrives if I were you. Are you worried about SIL's reaction or something? If so, perhaps tell SIL on her own as a kind of "wanted to tell you first" so that she doesn't think you're trying to piss on her parade. Of course that depends what kind of a relationship you have with her. Congratulations OP!

GreatDuckCookery Fri 05-Apr-19 11:24:52

Just tell people after the scan OP. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting the time right really. Is SIL a princess then?

MrsWillGardner Fri 05-Apr-19 11:25:30

When I was pregnant with my 2nd, 2 of my sil’s were also expecting around the same time. There was no ‘announcing’ on my part as it was #2 for me and #1 for them, just ‘telling’. This happened again with my future babies, being pregnant and due at the same time as my sister and another sil.

Shmithecat2 Fri 05-Apr-19 11:27:00

Told our parents when we found out ourselves. Told the rest of out immediate family at 17 weeks. Didn't 'announce' it to anyone else.

AnnaSteen Fri 05-Apr-19 11:27:11

What does this ‘announce’ entail? The first grandchild in the family we all got a card in person saying you’re going to be an aunt etc but for any subsequent pregnancies it’s just been telling people when you see them or a text with scan pic. If your planning a big song and dance announcement then maybe it’d be better before your SIL has the baby so once the baby is born the focus is on her when she will need support and attention.

ILoveMaxiBondi Fri 05-Apr-19 11:27:28

Tell them this weekend like you’re telling your parents.

2rebecca Fri 05-Apr-19 11:34:04

After 12 week scan I phoned parents and sibs (all long distance) and husband did likewise. I don't see SIL's pregnancy as being relevant. Anyone else just got told when we saw them if appropriate

adriennewillfly Fri 05-Apr-19 11:35:09

By announcement I just mean telling them (probably by phone). SIL is not at all a princess, but I want to make sure we do the right thing by them.

MRex Fri 05-Apr-19 11:40:55

I wouldn't overthink it, just let them know at the weekend. And congratulations!

spugzbunny Fri 05-Apr-19 11:44:23

Definitely do it before she gives birth! If she gives birth before then I'd recommend you wait a couple of weeks.

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