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To have just eaten leftover curry from last nights tea, for breakfast this morning?

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AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Fri 05-Apr-19 10:13:56

Last night I made curried egg noodles and there was a good sized portion left, so I planned to eat it today, probably for lunch. But I got home from the school run and was hungry and could smell my curry so I decided to eat it for breakfast instead. And it was bloody good in case you're wondering! I've just been chatting to DH (he's at work) and I mentioned that I'd already eaten the curry and he was aghast! It's not 'breakfast food' apparently (who even made the rule on what is or isn't acceptable food for breakfast anyway?) and he reckons I should have had some cereal or toast and saved my curry for lunch.

Who is right here? It was mine, he would never have eaten it if it was the last thing left on earth to eat (it had vegetables in it and it was very spicy, he eats neither vegetables nor spice hmm ) so I don't feel like he should even have a say in it.

I might have ice cream for lunch...

TheQueef Fri 05-Apr-19 10:15:46

Warm up is the closest to ambrosia we can get.

FetchezLaVache Fri 05-Apr-19 10:16:44

What @TheQueef said!

Any chance of your recipe, OP? Sounds divine!

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Fri 05-Apr-19 10:17:17


Hoppinggreen Fri 05-Apr-19 10:17:25

Have cornflakes for lunch and the balance will be restored.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Fri 05-Apr-19 10:19:12

Your DH better tell the 6 billion people who eat curry, noodles, rice etc for breakfast that they're doing it wrong.


EntirelyAnonymised Fri 05-Apr-19 10:25:30

I was going to say the same as hoof, though I think it’s probably a smidge less than 6 billion as the World population is only just over 7.5bn.

AntheaTrifid Fri 05-Apr-19 10:27:51

Absolutely not BU! I'd also love the recipe. It sounds delicious

MargoLovebutter Fri 05-Apr-19 10:29:54

Yum, sounds delicious.

I really dislike the narrow constraints that some people put on breakfast, that it should only be cereal or bread. In human history terms that is such a new idea. It only really took off after Mr Kellogg decided cereal foods were better for the morals of his patients because they were anaaphrodisiac and therefore reduced excitement, sexual arousal and masturbation!!!!!! Just remember that every time you open a packet of corn flakes! grin

honeylulu Fri 05-Apr-19 10:31:51

He is BU!
I have all sorts of weird stuff (in the eyes of others) for breakfast, usually leftover dinner stuff. Sometimes curry, cold roast beef, caesar salad, yum!

I hate waste and try not to eat a lot of carbs, plus I'd be bored with the same stuff every day so it's win win win.

He can stick to his boring list of acceptable breakfast foods. You don't have to!

vampirethriller Fri 05-Apr-19 10:32:14

I have leftover takeaway for breakfast. Sometimes I have leftover roast dinner as bubble and squeak on Monday mornings too.

AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Fri 05-Apr-19 10:35:27

@FetchezLaVache of course, it'll look a bit lot like cat puke but it does indeed taste divine.

AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Fri 05-Apr-19 10:36:11

Here you go

AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Fri 05-Apr-19 10:38:59

Oh strange, the picture didn't show up at first!

FetchezLaVache Fri 05-Apr-19 10:40:30

Thanks, @AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer! That's tomorrow's breakfast sorted. grin

AintNobodyHereButUsReindeer Fri 05-Apr-19 10:42:50

grin No problem, enjoy your breakfast!

cloudymelonade Fri 05-Apr-19 10:42:57

All food is breakfast food!
I had paella this morning!

MRex Fri 05-Apr-19 10:46:32

I love spicy food for breakfast, DHIBU.

GingerRogers84 Fri 05-Apr-19 10:49:12

Kedgeree (spelt right?) is a curried wish and has been a breakfast item since at least the Victorian period! I think they eat it in fancy houses!

x2boys Fri 05-Apr-19 10:49:53

I made a curry for breakfast, it's the weekend before payday and I'm just cooking what we have in ,dh is off work this week so we both had it .

notacooldad Fri 05-Apr-19 10:50:33

Eat what you want of course but curry would be way too much for me first thing in the morning.

HoofWankingSpangleCunt Fri 05-Apr-19 11:04:34

Haha entirely , you're probably right that it's a smidgeon under 6 billion. I was being rather expansive in my generalisation. Couldn't be arsed to Google.
Margo , there is a great podcast about the freaky Kellogg's brothers which I heard recently . I'd seen the film made in the 90s (? Again cba to google) but the podcast went into a lot more scary detail.

It's worth a listen

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Fri 05-Apr-19 11:07:04

I had a bite of DS's toast followed by 3 chocolate digestive biscuits

I was going to try and be healthy today...oh well! grin

BloodyDisgrace Fri 05-Apr-19 11:13:53

What I find worrying is not that you ate it but that you ask if it can be unreasonable. That amount of self doubt, you see. Of course, its perfectly normal and sensible thing to do! I used to eat last dinner's leftovers such as chicken, rice, stew - for breakfast - when at my parents-in-law place - simply because your usual breakfasty crap (chemical yohurts, muesli you have to chew for 4 hours and shit out for the rest of the week and which no blueberry will help, or Wheetabix) doesn't interest me. I had a glass of red with it too. That's how you train people to be tolerant and accepting! smile You should try too.

AhhhHereItGoes Fri 05-Apr-19 11:14:52

Nope - I save name bread for breakfast for the next morning. smile

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