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AIBU to throw away denture?

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MRex Thu 04-Apr-19 23:00:31

More Would I Regret This... I had a tooth out today and a denture put in, it will be 6 months until I could (medically? dentally?) get an implant instead and if I didn't have the denture then teeth might move over the 6 months so I couldn't get an implant. I don't feel like an implant is a good use of our savings in the next couple of years, we could pay for it if we decide to but it would be better to wait a few years or not get it at all.

The denture is just so uncomfortable, I haven't been able to eat, and I'm not supposed to take it out until tomorrow night, then I'm supposed to wear it every day after that. For 6 whole months, or longer. It isn't just the pain from the ex tooth hole, but the plastic thing in the roof of my mouth feels scratchy below, the hook by my tooth is awkward and the whole thing is alien. DH thinks I should wear it a few weeks at least to keep the option open of an implant, but I'm breastfeeding, how can I breastfeed with no food for even a few weeks? If I take it out then the hole will bleed more, but I could eat and start just getting used to the gap. AIBU to just pull the nasty thing out?

Stoptheworldandmelt Fri 05-Apr-19 11:47:49

Oh and drinking warm tea. Its soothing and can also very gently help the denture mold to your mouth. Remember the pain in your palate will be from the injection site, not the denture, that will fade too.

JoMalones Fri 05-Apr-19 11:48:47

Leave it! I had exactly the same tooth done and didn't wear my dentures unless out and now all of my teeth have moved on that side. Go back and get it adjusted

BlueCornishPixie Fri 05-Apr-19 14:29:37

If it's really sore on the extraction sight I would take it out. There's no point perserving if it's actually causing damage. Wait a couple of days till it's more healed and try again then. If you are just using it as a space maintainer you can also take it out to eat if you really can't eat with it in, it won't cause drifting of your teeth if out when eating.

It will feel strange, if it fits well then you will get used to it but it can take a while, up to 3mnths. If after the sight is more healed you still can't get on with I would go back to the dentist, if it's slightly high in your bite that can make it feel uncomfortable or strange.

Once you have got more used to actually wearing it, try eating with it. Start with something simple like a sandwich or some porridge or something easy and soft. Work your way up to wearing it daily. Uour first denture is like going from no glasses to really high prescription ones. They feel really really odd to start with but after a while they become like second nature.

I would try to wear something in the space but remember you don't have to replace the tooth just because it's gone, having a gap is totally fine. If it were my tooth I would probably go for a bridge over an implant. However if you are dead set on implants I would get them done sooner rather than later

If it's an immediate it might not be a great fit because they are essentially guessing how your mouth will look once it has healed up. But I would still try to persevere because you will still need something remade in 6mnths regardless if you had a new denture now

MRex Sun 07-Apr-19 00:19:31

I've been able to eat soft things. It hurts and feels strange, but the denture is fitting better.

I'm really not OK though. I'm having a total meltdown actually, lots of hysterical crying. I don't know why I let the dentist take my tooth out, why I didn't argue to save it or to get a second opinion. The tooth looks perfect, yes it had root canal before that got replaced because it was constant pain (so two root canals within 6 months about 10 years ago) and it had two infections since, then this small abscess on the gum, but this time it wasn't hurting much so maybe the infection was just clearing up. I would have left it, but I read that an abscess always needs antibiotics. But pregnancy can result in some gum disease so it could have cleared. I've been so tired, always just so tired, but I just don't understand what happened and now I don't have a tooth so it can't ever be fixed. DH is upset that I'm freaking out, he thinks I need to take the tooth to another dentist but that's just because I'm saying there's a problem, it's not like he knows about teeth. And nothing will give me my tooth back. It's brought back my fears from the caesarean and all the pains, I feel I've lost all control and my body is being taken apart.

Can anyone talk some sense into me please? How did this happen? How can I be calm and just deal with this?

PrincessFiorimonde Sun 07-Apr-19 01:19:30

I'm really sorry you're feeling so down about this. flowers I'm not a dentist, but it does sound as if your tooth was giving you problems over and over again, so it was best for it to go.

I've had a denture on a plate for about 3 years - had to have it as the missing tooth is right in the front. I couldn't have an implant because of bone loss in my jaw. It did take me a while to get used to it. It was a bit higher than the neighbouring teeth, so I went back to the dentist and he adjusted it. It still felt strange when I was eating, though, so I took it out when eating a main meal, then experimented with keeping it in while eating different things. Now I always have the plate in, except when sleeping. I guess it took about a month to get fully used to it.

But clearly your distress is not just because of the pain from your extraction and the discomfort from wearing the plate. I'm so sorry to read that the pain is bringing back bad memories for you. And I'm guessing your baby is quite little, and that your sleep is broken because of waking to feed him? Sleep deprivation is enough to make even the calmest of us feel desperate! Can your DH help just by getting up
with you, making you cups of tea, giving you a hug? Is there anyone else you can talk to, tomorrow or Monday - someone objective like a health visitor, or someone you're close to, like a good friend?

Don't be hard on yourself. You have done the most amazing thing in producing another human being. And tooth problems are horrible at the best of times!

I hope you get some sleep. flowers

CardsforKittens Sun 07-Apr-19 01:30:44

Sorry it’s so hard. It’s a real loss. I lost three at the front and it took a while to get used to the idea. Can you talk to your dentist about what happened? My situation was different from yours (it involved being punched in the face) so I don’t know what went wrong in your case, but it sounds like you need some answers. And that’s fair enough in the circumstances. Be gentle with yourself: it’s natural to be upset about this.

LadyB49 Sun 07-Apr-19 02:31:48

I went through this a few months ago.
Your gym will be swollen, tender and inflamed from the extraction and the injections so it's impossible for your denture to fit properly until this settles dwn.
Take it out to eat but wear it at all other times.
Once all has healed then if it still isn't right dentist can make small adjustments.
Also once it has healed you can try Fixodent which I find to be inva!uable. I forget I'm wearing a denture yet at the beginning I thought I just can't do tnis.

LadyB49 Sun 07-Apr-19 02:32:45

**gym should read gum.

RobinHumphries Sun 07-Apr-19 02:49:24

Of course it’ll hurt and feel strange - you’ve had a body part removed after all. If someone had chopped your finger off you’d expect that to feel sore so it’s the same with teeth.
Abscesses don’t always need antibiotics. We are actually advised against using them in all cases due to the risk of resistance. In your case the root canal has obviously failed. I’ve not seen the X-rays but 3 infections since it was done......
also gum disease caused by pregnancy is not the same as an infection from a tooth so it wouldn’t have healed in time and showing the tooth as it is now to another dentist would be meaningless - just because it looks fine doesn’t mean it didn’t need to come out. In fact lots of teeth taken out due to gum disease look perfect but it doesn’t mean that they weren’t causing pain and infections.

madcatladyforever Sun 07-Apr-19 03:02:14

I've got one too. Waiting for an implant. I don't care how uncomfortable it is. I won't go out with a gap near the front. I just drink a lot of soups and smoothies. Persist!

ketchupormayo Sun 07-Apr-19 03:07:28

Your dentist did everything they could to save the tooth.2 root canals within 6 months! Start brushing your teeth and flossing thats the only thing that will help the rest of your teeth. You're lucky you have enough bone to have an implant. If you stop wearing the denture the bone can receed and you that'll be another surgery you will have to have. Persevere with the denture and start brushing your teeth and flossing and hopefully save your other teeth

MRex Sun 07-Apr-19 08:08:06

@PrincessFiorimonde - he's a year old, so not that little, but he's had one illness after another recently so we don't sleep much. I've had ongoing issues since the caesarean so I feel a bit vulnerable that I'm taking advice and then never heal. I don't know who to talk to and I don't know what talking would achieve except having someone sympathise.

@RobinHumphries - are you a dentist? Your post was quite reassuring to me that this needed to be done, so thank you.

@CardsforKittens, @LadyB49, @madcatladyforever - Sorry to hear you've all had the same. Have any of you spoken to someone with an implant, any idea how hard the process is and if it feels "normal" afterwards?

@ketchupormayo - I'm sure you mean well, but the first root canal was 10 years ago and needed due to a crack in the tooth from an injury. I brush my teeth and floss twice a day and the other teeth are fine (well, I have 3 other small fillings), just the one tooth has caused an ongoing issue.

Blueuggboots Sun 07-Apr-19 08:11:50

You only had the tooth out yesterday. Of course it's going to be sore and the taste of blood will be there for maybe 24 hours max?
You WILL get used to the denture. Right now, it feels very foreign in your mouth but you need to persevere and it will get better.
You won't need to eat soup for 6/12, but you might for the next 48 hours!!

BlueCornishPixie Mon 08-Apr-19 18:19:37

Op flowers

If you've had two failed root canals, plus multiple abscesses it needed to go. There's not much that could have been done to save it, even if you had tried another root canal it would be unlikely to be successful, no general dentist would have been able to do it and you would be left with multiple infections and pain. If you left it your leaving that infection there, which can cause a risk to your general health. You absolutely did the right thing getting it out.

When we lose teeth studies have shown that people actually go through the full grieving process, because you have lost a body part. But at the end of the day it's only a tooth, if you think children have teeth taken our for braces. Losing a tooth isn't anything to worry about.

MRex Mon 08-Apr-19 19:48:29

Thanks @Blueuggboots, it's still sore but I can manage things without too much chewing, had a refried bean and cheese wrap.for lunch. I'm hopeful the pain should die off in a few more days as Thursday will be a week, though I'm nervous that I have an infection causing extra pain.

Thanks @BlueCornishPixie, it's good to get confirmation. I've also now read a couple of articles that suggest I could have been losing bone with each infection so now is probably a good time. DH and I were saying last night that my reaction is shock and grief, which seems quite extreme for a tooth. If my reaction is even slightly normal then it might have been helpful if the dentist had said those were possible reactions, it also would have been helpful if he'd given me pain management suggestions as the pain doesn't help. My lack of sleep and some general anxiety at the moment probably don't help with normal reactions either. I want to rush forward into the time when the implant is just in place so I can forget about it, if that's possible. But then I still want time to go slowly because my DS is little and wonderful.

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