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renting out your house when on holiday?

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Eggshellnutmeg Thu 04-Apr-19 21:55:47

I have friends that put their home on Airbnb when they go on holiday, I.e. complete strangers. I just don’t get it, they both work full time, are nearing retirement, both have good pension plans that they are looking forward to using.

Yes it’s not my business but they are trying to get me to enthuse about this behaviour and my poker face slipped...,

Eggshellnutmeg Thu 04-Apr-19 22:15:30

Sorry the AIBU is that I don’t think that this is normal behaviour?

Sparklesocks Thu 04-Apr-19 22:17:41

I think it’s quite common to use Airbnb to rent out, I wouldn’t do it personally but I know others who do and it makes them decent extra cash on the side.

hibbledibble Thu 04-Apr-19 22:17:51

It's fairly common nowadays. Each to their own.

ferntwist Thu 04-Apr-19 22:24:40

It’s what AirBnB is for. Everyone has their identity verified and you can see their reviews before you accept. AirBnB also provide insurance from Lloyd’s of London.

Fr3d Thu 04-Apr-19 22:27:48

There's home exchange too. I did consider it for 5 minutes...but the thoughts of having to leave the house spotless, pack valuables away etc amid all the hassle of packing confused

Oliversmumsarmy Thu 04-Apr-19 22:32:15

I think it is a good idea in theory but as Fr3d said the hassle olearing everything out and getting everything spotless would tarnish it.

Ohyesiam Thu 04-Apr-19 22:32:40

We do it.
We live close to a v popular tourist city and it funds a chunk of our holiday.
What don’t you like about it? Sounds like you think it’s illegal or something?

It’s normal for the people who do it and not for those who don’t.
I get the feeling when you say normal you mean acceptable, but I’m struggling to see why?

buckeejit Thu 04-Apr-19 22:59:40

I would consider it except we've got cats. If I lived by the sea, I'd make a bomb!

Eggshellnutmeg Sat 06-Apr-19 10:01:39

Its the idea of complete strangers living in your house, having sex in your bed etc. My home is mine, no one but me and DH sleep in our bed.

If damage happened it’s a hassle to get fixed, flooring or furniture.

All the hassle of putting all your clothing somewhere else, emptying fridge etc, when you don’t need the money, work full time and are getting ready to go away.

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