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To ask why my bum always falls out of my jeans

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ZsaZsaMc Thu 04-Apr-19 13:37:03

I’ve bought a new pair of jeans. They fit. They are not low rise or high waisted. They are just a normal pair of jeans.

But why is it when I sit down on the floor my arse falls out the back?? This happens in all my jeans! What am I doing wrong? Are they the wrong size? Is it just me??

BlackCatSleeping Thu 04-Apr-19 13:39:09

Do you wear a belt?

femidom12 Thu 04-Apr-19 13:42:09

Do you suffer from pronounced 'whale tail' also?

feelingthesunshine Thu 04-Apr-19 13:44:23

Do you have wide hips/bum compared to your waist and legs? I do and I have this problem because to fit properly on my middle hips they are a tiny bit too big on my upper and lower hips which is fine when I am standing up but always seem to slide down.

ZigZagIntoTheBlue Thu 04-Apr-19 13:50:18

I have the curse of builders bum too! High waisted jeans and a belt are the only things that help!

Didntwanttochangemyname Thu 04-Apr-19 13:50:50

Wear a belt, they are really good at stopping you bum hanging out!

Schlerp Thu 04-Apr-19 13:51:25

I have this too. I just wear granny pants to hide the crack.

RancidOldHag Thu 04-Apr-19 13:55:26

What the frig's a 'whale tail'?

ZsaZsaMc they're probably the wrong size - which might also mean right size but wrong proportions.

You need to try on loads in an actual shop until you find ones which don't do this. Look for higher rise, good fit around your widest part and add a belt if you need one

ZsaZsaMc Thu 04-Apr-19 13:55:58

I wear a belt when the jeans are a bit loose and falling down but this problem only occurs when sitting down.

I do have wide hips and a relatively narrow waist - this must be another curse!

Had to google Whale Tail - not a problem just my exposed arse. Maybe granny pants are the way forward!

ZsaZsaMc Thu 04-Apr-19 13:58:11

I was all smug in my new jeans (ordered online and took tags off before trying to sit down) blush

I have a toddler so a large part of my day is spent on the floor too!

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