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WTO Rules - who writes them? when do we get to vote on them?

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TalkinPaece Thu 04-Apr-19 11:39:35

Lots of people who look forward to leaving the EU present WTO rules as the solution

but what say will we ever have in the WTO rules?
when were they written?
who are they written by?
when are they updated?
which countries have a veto on the UK's bit of them?

AIBU to ask why the WTO is being sold as the solution to the undemocratic EU?

Miljah Thu 04-Apr-19 11:43:04

Proportional representative WTO elections are held every year, usually in the sunlit uplands of the annual unicorn fair.


TalkinPaece Thu 04-Apr-19 11:59:59

I have tried to find out when they are next up for review, but with Trump refusing to ratify appointments to the WTO
I really do wonder who has any sort of control over the rules

Halloumimuffin Thu 04-Apr-19 12:03:18

I think YABU to expect any consistency or lack of hypocrisy from prominent leavers. They flit back and forth constantly. The truth is they just want Brexit no matter what it is.

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