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To ask for some help designing my shop/clinic

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Boohootoyootoo Thu 04-Apr-19 10:46:35

About to start my own business as a wellness practitioner, found the shop, done the business plan. Now over to Pinterest to find the fixtures and fittings.

I know what I like - minimalist, clean lines but comfy and cosy too - maybe think Oliver Bonas type shop.

It's going to be health food and nutrition shop at the front with clinic rooms and a yoga studio out the back. Some of it will be bespoke built but need some ready bought stuff too

Does anyone know of a place where I can buy these kinds of fixtures and fittings? All the places online just seem to offer bog standard glass cases etc.

ThatssomebadhatHarry Thu 04-Apr-19 11:22:19

Sorry I can’t help specifically but just wanted to say congratulations and hope it all goes well.

Boohootoyootoo Thu 04-Apr-19 11:40:21

Thanks Harry - exciting, if a little bit scary!

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