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AIBU to think that food manufacturers are using more vinegar in sauces now?

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Defenbaker Thu 04-Apr-19 00:19:08

Recently I had to throw away some coleslaw, because it tasted so vinegary/sharp that it was unpleasant. Today I've thrown away a bottle of Daddys Brown Sauce, because it just tasted like vinegar. So, I'm wondering if my taste buds have changed, or whether food manufacturers have started padding out various sauces with more vinegar, as a way of saving costs on the more expensive ingredients.

I realise that vinegar is a useful preservative and I like salt and vinegar on chips, but AIBU to think something is going on here, with the use of vinegar becoming more prevalent in savoury sauces? Or maybe I'm imagining it - what do others think?

Chouetted Thu 04-Apr-19 00:26:35

How's your nose been feeling lately?

Not to dismiss your experiences, but if you're a bit congested, everything will taste more vinegary - taste is 90% smell.

StrawberrySquash Thu 04-Apr-19 00:27:00

I like things sharp, but can't say I've noticed anything. The one place I do see it is in cheap salad bars, where everything tastes vinegary and harsh. But that's not a new thing.

SuperLoudPoppingAction Thu 04-Apr-19 00:27:47

Could it be reduced salt and sugar leading vinegar to become the dominant flavour?

Dieu Thu 04-Apr-19 00:30:33

I do know what you mean, OP. When I'm in a restaurant and they ask me if I'd like any sauces, I often ask for some mayo to dip my chips in. 9/10 times it will have a vinegary taste. Not sure if the restaurants do this to pad it out (although wouldn't it curdle or something?), or if it came like this in the first place.

Nearlythere1 Thu 04-Apr-19 00:56:20

Yes OP I completely agree, and as PP has said, it's part of the reduction of salt and sugar in foods. Not sure if it's more prominent because of that or because they add more to make up for it. Either way, it makes sauces taste so cheap and nasty.

littledoll33 Thu 04-Apr-19 00:59:33

Can't say I've noticed TBH.

Defenbaker Thu 04-Apr-19 01:00:21

@Chouetted - my nose is fine, no congestion. In fact I'm known for having a very strong sense of smell (I'm the first to notice a gas leak, and can detect certain perfumes on people across the room). I've always had a sweet tooth though, and I gather that the ability to taste sweet things lessens as people get older, so maybe now I'm middle aged that's a factor. Unless my theory is correct... just curious to know.

Aquamarine1029 Thu 04-Apr-19 03:49:41

You may be right, but I also think our sense of taste can change as we get older. For the past 10 years or so, I have become very sensitive to sweet foods and drinks. They seem hyper sweet to me now, to the point I can't eat them. Candy is out of the question as it honestly makes me feel sick from the sweetness. It's so bizarre!

mcjx Thu 04-Apr-19 03:56:59

YANBU I say this all the time but it seems no one else around me notices it

Weedsnseeds1 Thu 04-Apr-19 04:21:25

If you reduce salt and sugar, the sauce needs to be stabilised somehow or it will ferment / allow pathogens to grow.
You can't just take away without replacing with something else, pH in this example.
Other alternative would be preservatives like Sorbate, which people also don't like, so retailers want " clean liable" i.e. no artificial additives where possible

PregnantSea Thu 04-Apr-19 04:27:13

My tastebuds have definitely changed as I've aged. Personally I love stuff to be very vinegary but I haven't noticed a change in sauces... I will look out for it now!

Monty27 Thu 04-Apr-19 05:20:08

It's the sugar tax. I've noticed it too. confused

Monty27 Thu 04-Apr-19 05:21:02

EU regulations even.grin

MyOtherProfile Thu 04-Apr-19 05:24:10

Isn't the sugar tax just on drinks?

KeptTheBeachesShipwreckFree Thu 04-Apr-19 07:37:55

I don't know but I didn't realise how vinegary shop-bought chutneys are until I made my own and the flavour difference was huge.

PeachesPlumsPears Thu 04-Apr-19 07:42:27

Yes OP I agree with you too.

Defenbaker Thu 04-Apr-19 15:38:07

Just checked point re sugar tax - apparently it only applies to soft drinks.

Good point re companies aiming for the words "preservative/additive free" on their labels - maybe that partly explains higher vinegar content to preserve sauces etc.

Glad some others have noticed this - wondered if I was imagining it.

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