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AIBU to ask the doc to double check my breasts?

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WitBeyondMeasure Wed 03-Apr-19 22:24:15

I went to the doctor last week because a red patch had appeared on my breast. It was quickly dismissed as eczema. I do get eczema but I've never had it on my breast before.

Now it has spread further. Separate areas. Eczema cream is doing nothing.. where do I go from here?

BillywilliamV Wed 03-Apr-19 22:26:24

Ask to be referred to the breast clinic for a mammogram if you are worried that it may be more than a skin condition

theconstantinoplegardener Wed 03-Apr-19 22:33:38

Is it on one breast or both?

theconstantinoplegardener Wed 03-Apr-19 22:35:53

And how big is the patch? Small round patches can sometimes be caused by fungal infections.

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