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To ban youtube entirely

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littlesunshining Wed 03-Apr-19 20:47:17

DD7 mainly watches these family youtube channels and a few other channels with children. It all seems to be spoilt children getting hundreds of presents and surprises. I've never understood her fascination with watching other children open and play with toys when she could just play with her own toys confused I let her have some time after school to watch youtube, an alternative to a bit of tv time but everything about these videos irritate me. I'm so bored of the family chanels especially, the parents are always a bit odd with overly exaggerated emotions as they shoved cameras in their children's faces. I'll just keep hoping DD loses interest in youtube soon or her tablet may mysteriously disappear grin

NicksWife08 Wed 03-Apr-19 20:49:13

Delete the app and password lock the app store. Best thing I've ever done. My DS is slightly younger but I told him simply YouTube doesn't work now.

littlesunshining Wed 03-Apr-19 20:56:55

I would feel bad though as much as I want her, she's not really doing anything wrong as much as I hate it

littlesunshining Wed 03-Apr-19 20:57:20

I want to, not her

Delegator Wed 03-Apr-19 20:59:38

Your the parent, change the rules.

YouTube for learning only. You pick a topic and they have to find something on YouTube to watch eg. Killer whales, how is chocolate made, why is the earth round.

I’ve recently got dd7 into the Great British bake off (I’ve never watched it until it come up on Netflix). She’s now YouTubing recipes of various baking, bread then hassling me to bake which I can’t do blush but I’d rather that then the channels you’re referring to.

I don’t think watching spoilt children receive free gifts is good idea at all. Just say no and break the pattern.

Delegator Wed 03-Apr-19 21:00:37

*You’re the parent blush

MixedColours Wed 03-Apr-19 21:28:55

There's lots of dodgy things on YouTube. Especially swearing etc. I'd ban it for children, definitely. And OP, I hate to break it to you, but teens seem very into YouTube too IME, and quite a bit of it is dodgy.

Lolwhat Wed 03-Apr-19 21:58:28

Whatever you do, don’t let your children watch the Ingham family, there are accusations that he’s a paedophile. The police said they the messages he sent are real😣

Snausage Wed 03-Apr-19 22:04:28

My 4 year old was watching the same stupid bloody channels. I hadn't even realised. YouTube has now been deleted from the iPad and he has Minecraft and CBeebies games to play and that's it.

littlesunshining Wed 03-Apr-19 22:09:17

Oh yes, she used to watch them sometimes but that's been stopped after I heard about accusations. I've always monitored what she watches

Tinyteatime Wed 03-Apr-19 22:10:38

Yes. We have and life is much better for it. It’s inane rubbish and most of the crap they watch is incredibly unhealthy. My dd was watching seemingly innocent little homemade videos then I noticed all the ‘surprise eggs’ and other advertising stuff creeping in. Plus they were bloody annoying. She’s only 3 so I just told her it didn’t work anymore.

Tinyteatime Wed 03-Apr-19 22:13:28

I also watched this ted talk which made me think a bit more about it. It’s all very centred on materialistic lifestyles and wanting more than you have even on the kids channels.

NigellaAwesome Wed 03-Apr-19 22:21:02

It's banned from even getting through the router in our house.

Annoying, because I like the yoga with Adriene

But basically anyone can post any shit on it.

nowifi Wed 03-Apr-19 22:21:09

I hate it aswell, I'd rather play with my daughter than watch other kids playing with toys excessively. It means I've made a rod for my own back by having to play all the time but still preferable to those stupid videos!

MoonlightBringsSanity Wed 03-Apr-19 22:25:05

Our YouTube ‘broke’.. she was sad for a couple of days. But now she does colouring and Lego during the week and watches YouTube for an hour at the weekends

SpannerD Wed 03-Apr-19 22:29:20

I actually like those videos where they open the eggs. I didnt see the point at first, just compkete wtf, but actually, FD seems to get the buzz of continual surprises without me having to buy anything grin and all that plastic not going to landfill if i had!

But the families? Eugh. You're right, the facial expressions and emotions are so OTT and DD is carrying this into real life, makes me cringe. I just try to limit tho, outright ban would be a last resort.

Myextensionisgivingmeaheadache Wed 03-Apr-19 22:30:32

No YouTube here other than the odd supervised drawing tutorial. It’s the top of a long and slippery slope I feel.

Notcontent Wed 03-Apr-19 22:41:24

There is so much rubbish on YouTube and so much of it is completely pointless and mindless at best. I disapprove of too much TV but at least most TV programmes, particularly those made for children, have some point...

Marmalady75 Wed 03-Apr-19 22:48:53

I don’t mind my ds watching some YouTube stuff - he likes cartoons, nursery rhymes, numberblocks etc. Whenever it skips on to those horrible family ones I block them and their whole channel. I think as long as you are keeping an eye on what they are watching you don’t need to delete the whole app.

JollyAndBright Wed 03-Apr-19 23:01:49

DS is a bit older (12) but a couple of months ago we decided to ban YouTube completely.

We suddenly realised how negatively it was affecting him.
he was obsessed, it had gotten to the point where every other sentence out of his mouth was about something a YouTuber had done or said.
He mostly watching gaming channels and he had also started talking as if with a running commentary (like a YouTuber) he was narrating everything he did, it was so irritating.

The ban was only supposed to be temporary but we’ve seen such an improvement I have no intention of reinstating it any time soon.

There have been a couple of instances where he has sneakily tried to reinstall it and he occasionally complains about not being allowed to watch it but otherwise he’s not been too bad.

bridgetreilly Wed 03-Apr-19 23:05:34

You can definitely ban it. It might seem innocuous, but it's really not. It's creating all kinds of unhealthy associations and expectations about what life is/should be like.

Like a pp said, you're the parent. You get to decide what you're happy with her watching and if this makes you uncomfortable (it would make me VERY uncomfortable) you can just stop it.

cannotmakemymindup Wed 03-Apr-19 23:15:43

Oh we have banned it now in our home after that stupid hoax a few weeks back and we 100% do not regret it.

Dd used to have access to YouTube Kids but we realised it's just not necessary, even though we'd tried to make it as safe as possible.
Dd5 requested it a few times since but overall not been bothered to much and I think is happier without it.

And although YouTube will get used for educational things that is an, as and when policy.

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