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to think that £26 for non Alcoholic gin is !!!!!!!!

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Girlwhowearsglasses Wed 03-Apr-19 19:36:28

Seedlip 'distilled non-alcoholic gin'. I'm having a dry few weeks and thought it might be nice.

£26 in M&S

Readysteadygoat Wed 03-Apr-19 19:41:41

I'm not sure how they justify it, though I guess people must be buying it for it to be stocked in M&S?

Has anyone actually tried it?

EL8888 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:42:35

I’ve tried it. It’s not great, it’s quite watery and lacking in taste

Missmarplesknitting Wed 03-Apr-19 19:42:51

The cedars in Sainsbury's is just as nice. I think it's £16

Brownzy Wed 03-Apr-19 19:43:32

I bought it in a pregnancy desperation.

It's shite.

MariaTheMartian Wed 03-Apr-19 19:43:36

I’ve tried a non-alcoholic gin from pizza express. It was nice, but not worth what I paid for it. I’d have preferred the alcoholic variety tbh, but I was pregnant at the time.

There is no way I would buy non-alcoholic gin now I’m not pregnant and certainly not at that price.

redannie118 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:43:57

I bought it for my sister who asked for it for Christmas. She said it was lovely but I agree 26 pound for what is essentially water and Sloe juice is a fecking disgrace !!

Ponchie Wed 03-Apr-19 19:44:45

save your money, it’s vile

Rememberallball Wed 03-Apr-19 19:48:55

These is one called Sea Arch that has been recommended by a friend who is also pregnant - it’s £26:99 a bottle so same price as Seedlip which I tried recently on holiday - might try the Cedars one mentioned by a PP and see what it’s like!!

TeddyIsaHe Wed 03-Apr-19 19:50:38

Fucking hell! I’d just have rhubarb cordial in ginger ale and pretend. £26!!!

ContinuityError Wed 03-Apr-19 19:51:20

And you can still get a bad head from it confused

ginghamstarfish Wed 03-Apr-19 19:56:54

Wouldn't pay that in a million years! I remember reading once that air hostesses used to do this if a passenger had already had too much to drink - pour tonic, ice, lemon etc, and rub gin around the edge of the glass (for the scent of it) ... apparently it worked and the drinker thinks they are drinking G&T. Might be worth a try?

KittyVonCatsworth Wed 03-Apr-19 20:05:25

I don't understand the point. It's like going into pizza hut for the salad bar. £26 for non alcoholic gin, get tae fuck!!

mindutopia Wed 03-Apr-19 20:07:34

It’s not even that nice. Just buy some tonic and put some fruit and fancy garnishes in it.

fblake Wed 03-Apr-19 20:15:25

I saw it in Waitrose and considered giving it a try - then I read the reviews and decided against it! It's in 3 different flavours I think? All horrid apparently ☹️

AlannaOfTrebond Wed 03-Apr-19 20:20:59

Going against the grain, I love it, tastes like an actual adult drink.

Yes it's expensive, but I can't drink at the moment and I like the flavour so happy to pay for something a bit more interesting than lime and soda or plain tonic water.

fblake Wed 03-Apr-19 22:53:15

@AlannaOfTrebond which flavour did you try? X

Steamedbadger Wed 03-Apr-19 22:55:36

I thought it was OK. I tried the original clovey one and the green one.

vroc81 Wed 03-Apr-19 23:00:58

They have their own brand one for about £2.50???!

Friend on medication says it’s an acceptable alternative grin

AlannaOfTrebond Thu 04-Apr-19 06:53:43

@fblake I have a bottle of the spice version, which is my favourite one.

I tried all 3 in a deli that was doing samples. The citrus one was nice, but I thought there were a lot of premixed drinks already out there that tasted similar. The garden one tasted like I should be sprinkling it on top of food (like a large bunch of chopped fresh herbs)!

I'm not normally a gin drinker, so I just think of the Seedlip as a flavour I enjoy. Then again I also love Kombucha and herbal tea, anything not to be stuck drinking overly sweet soft drinks.

polarpig Thu 04-Apr-19 06:54:32

I saw some very similar/the same in Waitrose and thought the same as you OP. I'd pay no more than £5 for it.

fblake Thu 04-Apr-19 17:08:25

Thanks @AlannaOfTrebond 😊 x

Jackshouse Thu 04-Apr-19 17:11:35

Seedlip is vile. Dont bother.

UnderMajorDomoMinor Thu 04-Apr-19 17:14:57

£26 pound squash.

TakingtheLeap Thu 04-Apr-19 17:15:48

Tesco does an excellent non alcoholic "gin" for £13 a bottle.

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