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Study, work and kids....uuughh!!

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Youngandfree Wed 03-Apr-19 18:24:45

Shout out to anyone else who works full time, is studying and had DC. OMG WHY Do we do these things to ourselves??? Just a thread to have a moan if needs be...😩😩 posting here for traffic 🙏

Neverender Wed 03-Apr-19 18:30:27

I hear ya! I have a 2yr old, a full time job and am doing an MBA - I don't know how!

Youngandfree Wed 03-Apr-19 19:17:59

@Neverender go you 💕👍!!! I am actually baffled as to why I have done this to myself 😭😭. Glad to hear I’m not alone!! It doesn’t help that Dh is away!! This things always seem like a good idea at the beginning 😂😂

mouse26 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:36:50

Mine are 11 and 15 and it's still tough trying to study, work and look after them, I definitely wouldn't have managed it with toddlers confused

NorthernChinchilla Wed 03-Apr-19 19:38:50

Yep, work FT, have a 7 and a 3 year old, DP doing part time under grad degree, me part time research Masters.
Madness grin

Youngandfree Wed 03-Apr-19 19:44:23

@mouse26 yes mine are 3 and 6. 😭 there’s too much to do think I’m going crazy 😜

Youngandfree Wed 03-Apr-19 19:44:50

@NorthernChinchilla omg you guys are v busy!! 💕

Wishiwasonholiday1 Wed 03-Apr-19 19:45:01

It is the hardest thing ever. I got my doctorate in December, 2 children and a full time job, there were so many times I was reduced to tears over trying to manage everything but it's worth it in the end. winethanks

suziedoozy Wed 03-Apr-19 19:53:20

I’m six months into my PhD and had a baby 2 weeks ago... I have 6 months off then back to it! I’m crazy aren’t I 😳

Marmitemadmummy Wed 03-Apr-19 19:55:20

I somehow managed to complete my qualifications to become an accountant via home study while working full time with 2 children (one with a lot of additional needs and has had 11 operations), a husband that worked away 4 days a week and despite only having maths GCSE at grade F and other very low grades! Took me 10 years with a lot of retakes but I was so proud of myself when I finally completed it. You can do it! Might have been easier if I hadn't been a nightmare teenager...

CustardOmlet Wed 03-Apr-19 20:00:07

2yr old and 6yr old, full time job and half way through a part time masters. DH also planning on starting a part time PGCert from September. I am exhausted, my house is a mess and I just want wine!!! Got a 5k word deadline in two weeks and I’ve done nothing, I’m sure I’ll start it tomorrow blush

Youngandfree Wed 03-Apr-19 20:03:31

Oh god I’m so glad I’m not alone!! It’s so nice to hear we are all in the same boat, dh works away at sea so I am literally on my own for weeks at a time 😩 but like you all say it will be worth it in the end (hopefully!) sending 💕💕to you all!!

Camomila Wed 03-Apr-19 20:14:17

This will be me soon smile

Currently mainly a SAHM to a nearly 3 year old/doing pt masters but I've just had an offer for a full time job starting after Easter (Just have to do all my assignments and my dissertation at the weekends I guess!)

JHaniver Wed 03-Apr-19 20:16:59

I work full time, have a four and a two year old and am studying for an MA. I don’t know why I’m doing this to myself! I thought when I started that my children would be sleeping by now but it turns out I was wrong and I am trying to write a dissertation in snatched moments.

BetterEatCheese Wed 03-Apr-19 20:19:49

I work 20 Hours, plus work from home 10 hours a week, plus 15 hours Open Uni degree per week .. its hard

JasperRising Wed 03-Apr-19 20:21:30

You guys are incredible! I did a p/t masters while doing a full time job (everyone else on the course was part time, retired or being a full time student with part time study to allow more sport time!) before kids and that was hard enough!

I spontaneously signed up for a term of evening classes (with final assignment) and am now thinking I was mad to do that alongside job and toddler. I doesn't even get me any career advancement! I thought it would be fun hmm.

topcat2014 Wed 03-Apr-19 20:36:09

@marmitemadmummy - I did accountancy pre family, and then (at about 40) decided to add tax to the mix.

I remember sitting in the exam room and thinking it is about 24 years since my first public exams - what was I thinking.

Oh, and you don't get any better at studying with age - or at least didnt in my case

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