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32 weeks pregnant

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missteddy Wed 03-Apr-19 15:56:19

I'm 32 weeks pregnant and all I've eaten today is 2 bags of crisps , 2 cookies, toast, and Instant noodles. I feel like such a fatty 🐽
I can't even exercise as I've got a bad back and have been told not to walk to much!
I have only put on 5kg so far and I'm not over weight so maybe I'm being harsh on myself!
Any healthy snack ideas for a first time mummy to be?

Dera1234 Wed 03-Apr-19 20:58:07

I wouldn't kick yourself as long as it's not the norm. I went through a carrot sticks, celery, pork pies, sun dried tomatoes, youghurt phase! But I had GD so had to be careful. Good luck!

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