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To ask if anyone chose a new career "later on" in life?

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MidsomerBurgers Wed 03-Apr-19 14:28:13

I qualified as a nurse at 39 years old. I wasn't the youngest on my course, by a long shot.

Also know someone who qualified as a doctor in their late 30's.

Justanothernamechange2 Wed 03-Apr-19 14:23:27

Just feeling quite miserable and deflated today.

I know im not considered older yet at 30, but not a spring chicken to be starting fresh either.

Just feeling like ive wasted half my life.

Went to college, did a degree through the open uni.. had 3 jobs in said field (2 fixed term, then redundancy) when i was made redundant it was due to the company collapsing and not affording upkeep of the building etc so i just got an easy office job in the next city to pay the bills + now 4 years on i feel stuck here. I never really enjoyed the field of work im trained in so dont really want to get back into that. I have minimal other transferable skills other than generic office work (calls, company specific pc software, Microsoft office etc) but I am so frustrated here.

theres no challenge, i feel like my brain never gets a chance to wake up, i travel for hours at an extortionate cost just to come here and do the same shit, different day.

Oh...and my boss is an arsehole.

We also want to start a family, which i feel i cant or shouldnt when between work so i need to settle fast. I joined mumsnet nearly 2years ago due to fertility issues and found a helpful thread were in a position that we could probably go forward with family planning...but not until im settled in a new job where im happy and closer to home.

Anyway.. i digress. Has anyone had a lightbulb moment a bit later on and actually got somewhere good?

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