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To ask what your children do after school?

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Pinkbutton85 Wed 03-Apr-19 13:23:45

Assuming they don't do any clubs or talking about days they don't have any.

What do they do between when they get in to bed time?

Besides homework, mine just sort of mope about until dinner, bath (some nights) and bed.

They are reception and pre school age, so I'm not expecting anything from them as they're usually knackered. So I'm fine with tv/tablet/play, downtime or whatever.

Just wondering what the 'norm' is?

formerbabe Wed 03-Apr-19 13:25:25

Same...just playing, tablets, cbbc and general mooching about.

MTBMummy Wed 03-Apr-19 13:26:37

On days we have no after school activities, its normally walking the dog, chucking them out in the garden to let off steam or they play together Then homework and a bit of TV afterwards to wind down for bed

DD is 9 and DS is 5

Ploppymoodypants Wed 03-Apr-19 13:29:04

Normally go to the park for half an hour after school in nice weather. Then watch tv whilst I cook supper. Eat supper, change into pyjamas and watch tv or homework or read a book. Then teeth, wash and bed.

Ploppymoodypants Wed 03-Apr-19 13:29:36

Oh yes, if really nice play in garden

Justonemorepancake Wed 03-Apr-19 13:31:28

DS (5) plays on tablet, watches tv, plays a bit with his toys. We have about an hour of that, dinner, then another hour of play before bath (which is a protracted affair)

Hermagsjesty Wed 03-Apr-19 13:31:58

Mostly mooching here too. If it’s a nice day we might pop to the park or play in the yard for a bit. Otherwise we might read/ draw/ do homework for a bit then watch TV, tea as a family, bath, story time then bed. They’re 7 and 5 and I think they really need the downtime.

SweetheartNeckline Wed 03-Apr-19 13:34:42

It varies depending on how tired they are as they do have gymnastics / Beavers a couple of nights. We usually get in around 3.45 then watch tv for an hour, then play outside or in the playroom for an hour before tea around 6pm. They're usually asleep by 8pm so have plenty of chance for a board game, Lego or reading after tea. We never have anything electronic on after tea though.

Sometimes we might go to the park or soft play after school, usually at least one night a week. When I worked full time I liked down time most evenings, I don't think kids are any different.

WellTidy Wed 03-Apr-19 13:34:42

At reception age, DS just played with his toys, watched tv, played in the garden if it wasn't raining, helped a little with dinner, bath, stories and bed.

I didn't organise any activities for him during reception or year one after school as he was just too tired. We did have playdates every so often though, and sometimes stopped off in the park on the way home or had dinner out.

His friends with more stamina were doing music lessons (piano/violin), things like gymnastics or whatever, visiting family etc.

Gizlotsmum Wed 03-Apr-19 13:35:22

If nice park near school, then home, play for a bit, tea then a bit of TV and bed

If wet home and then the above with maybe a bit more telly or eldest will read

Disfordarkchocolate Wed 03-Apr-19 13:36:09

Rest as the active evenings are very tiring. Oh, and eat (as the active evenings are very tiring). Teenager number 4 and I'm still amazed how much he needs to eat at the moment.

WhoKnewBeefStew Wed 03-Apr-19 13:41:08

2 of the 5 days are without clubs so I don’t mind my dd mooching, watching telly, playing on her tablet or with the dogs

BlueMerchant Wed 03-Apr-19 13:41:17

Ds(9)- plays with our dog in garden. Does homework/ reading. Dinner. Plays on computer game then shower(usually) PJs then play on tablet for half hour before bed at 9.
DD(8)- plays with dog and brother in garden. Homework/reading.Dinner. Likes to draw or make things like bath bombs or slime ( messy stuff!!) shower, PJs then plays on tablet for a short time.
Once a week they may decide to watch a film but usually that idea is abandoned when they can't agree on a film (and don't want to watch alone) so 30 mins is spent arguing or fighting.

BlackInk Wed 03-Apr-19 14:17:12

We only have 1 or 2 nights a week where neither of them (DS9 and DD7) have anything on (playdates, gymnastics, Cubs, after-school football/dance club).

On the quiet days their dad picks them up from school and they get home at about 3.45pm. They usually have about an hour of screen time whilst eating the scraps from their packed lunches (their choice... they don't get much time to eat at school so never finish everything).

Then they play either together or separately in the house or garden, spend time with the pets, read, annoy the neighbours etc until tea at about half 5.

I get back at 6.15pm and boss them around getting baths, teeth, school reading, prep for the next day etc. done.

Occasionally friends will pop round or DP will take them to the park or the library.

Friday night we sometimes play some board / card games together or watch a film or something on TV together.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 03-Apr-19 14:37:28

Play out, do crafting, build lego. Homework and music practice. Play on their tablets. Wrestle each other. Stuff like that!

Whathappenedtothelego Wed 03-Apr-19 14:51:26

Watch TV for about an hour, play, draw, read, listen to music - nothing special.
Go to the park on the way home some days.
We only have 2 days when nobody has any clubs or activities so it is good for them to have a bit of unstructured time where they have to amuse themselves.

implantsandaDyson Wed 03-Apr-19 14:54:25

After homework, they draw, watch TV, read. Usually the 8 year old calls for her friend and they play outside, ride their bikes, nip in and out between each other's house for an hour or so. The 11 year old watches TV, goes out on her bike, listens to music, messages her school friends that she left less than an hour previously <eyeroll>

Jebuschristchocolatebar Wed 03-Apr-19 14:56:46

5 year old here, we go for a walk every day if the weather is good and it’s usually the beach or playground so that can kill a good hour. Tv, but of homework, playing with toys dinner bath and story. If I am in an enthusiastic mood we might bake something maybe twice a week.

SuperSaturdaySteve Wed 03-Apr-19 15:01:09

Lego, Ikea wooden train set, drawing/colouring, dressing up, reading, doll house/Playmobil stuff.

We don't have TV on then because this lot would row when it went off. They don't miss it because we've never done it (but do at weekends or particular films).

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