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The Mumsnet ideal

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Home77 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:14:02

You have to: Have big house in the country
Work, both of you, all the hours you can to afford this.
Drive everywhere
Get a cleaner

If you have e.g. a flat, in the town, that is not a 'proper home'
If you don't work all the hours you can, you are lazy
Ditto for driving.

TokyoSushi Wed 03-Apr-19 10:14:54


DoneLikeAKipper Wed 03-Apr-19 10:19:31

If you don't work all the hours you can, you are lazy

Goodness forbid you don’t work at all and admit it on here. Either you’re a benefits scrounger, or a silly woman living off her husband and not having her ‘ducks in order’ for when he inevitably cheats on you....

Home77 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:28:23

Oh yes I forgot you can't have a council 'free' house or be on benefits. Not fair at all.

Superfragile Wed 03-Apr-19 10:48:25

And you can't drink more than one measured glass and only on special occasions.

teyem Wed 03-Apr-19 10:50:52

You must be incredibly conformist and follow all rules to the letter, never stopping to think about the value and viability of the rules.

hazeyjane Wed 03-Apr-19 10:57:38

I think you must be looking at a different site to me.

FionnaMAC Wed 03-Apr-19 11:05:29

You need to also be fully aware that your husband is just waiting for something younger/more obliging to come along and then you'll be out on your arse.

HolyForkingShirt Wed 03-Apr-19 11:07:38

You have to wash your towels, jeans, bedsheets, pyjamas and curtains every single day otherwise you are disgusting and should be reported to SS.

Thatsnotmyotter Wed 03-Apr-19 11:08:49

You MUST be married and have a secret savings account because your husband WILL cheat on you hmm

You absolutely must assume that all transwomen are rapists and pedophiles and make a huge fuss about their presence in any public space.

HolyForkingShirt Wed 03-Apr-19 11:08:58

And if you don't drive you are lazy and not independent, but if you don't know which lane to be in at a multi-lane roundabout then you are a terror on the roads and shouldn't be driving.

Nesssie Wed 03-Apr-19 11:09:10

You must never lose your temper. If you do, then you must go for counselling.

raffle Wed 03-Apr-19 11:09:27

You must never, under any circumstances go to a wedding. It’s an invite, not a summons.

MarieIVanArkleStinks Wed 03-Apr-19 11:09:37

Hello journalist! [Waves]

cloudymelonade Wed 03-Apr-19 11:10:05

Wash your towels and bedsheets on the hour, every hour and burn every toilet brush you see.

HolyForkingShirt Wed 03-Apr-19 11:10:19

Also your kids must be extremely tall and skinny, no short or fat kids allowed.

wildbhoysmama Wed 03-Apr-19 11:11:18

You must judge all teachers for everything they do as precious DC are always in the right despite you not knowing the full details.

cloudymelonade Wed 03-Apr-19 11:11:20

If your husband is a complete arsehole, you must assume he is depressed and help him.
If he makes one slightly snide comment, you must LEAVE HIM IMMEDIATELY

originallyfromLA Wed 03-Apr-19 11:11:31

The solution to all of your child entertainment issues is to do 'crafts, etc.'

Home77 Wed 03-Apr-19 11:11:51

haha, no journalist here, just a random mum who sometimes feels a bit small on here as don't make choices in the Mumsnet ideal (not working, two boys in a city centre flat- etc)

Ah yes if you are angry you could be abusive even if you are not saying you are angry, just being it, is enough.

Thatsnotmyotter Wed 03-Apr-19 11:12:09

Oh and also you must have a purebred dog who is NEVER off lead and should NEVER look at/stand near/sniff members of the public. If they do, they are an uncontrolled menace!

loobylou10 Wed 03-Apr-19 11:12:15

One thimble full of sherry on Christmas Day and as soon as your child turns 18, they are an adult and you must never do anything for them ever again grin

BlueMerchant Wed 03-Apr-19 11:12:31

You must never shop anywhere other than Boden, White Stuff and occasionally Uniqlo.
You must think Hush Hareems are the best thing ever. Never buy them elsewhere.

wildbhoysmama Wed 03-Apr-19 11:12:36

You must have a 'cushion ' of 6 month's salary or you are irresponsible, short-sighted and stupid.

HolyForkingShirt Wed 03-Apr-19 11:13:23

If you're fat it must be because of MH issues or a hidden disability.

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