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No Carpeting in Housing Association Houses

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StrangeThings Wed 03-Apr-19 10:05:22

I was going to post this in an already started thread about this subject but it said on there it hadn't been posted in for a couple of years and so why not start another thread?

But anyway, when it comes to free "Gifted" carpeting from the Housing Association, you need to be wary of this. That was what they did with me, they "Gifted" me the carpeting and also the carpet down the stairway.

The stairway had a stairlift railing that was left there and no stairlift chair there at all. This was in an "Over 55s" Housing Complex. I lived in an upstairs Flat.

Anyway, what hapopened was that when I finally was able to have a stairlift of my own put in, the Housing Association did not inform me that they would need to remove the old stairlift railing that went down the stairs, and the railing sits on "feet" that go all the way down the stairs. These feet look like an old iron shape, like what you would iron your clothes with.

When the stairlift company removed the old railing, it left gaping holes all the way down the carpeting of the stairs where the railway feet used to be, and also at the top of the stairs in the hallway carpeting.

And all three of the stairlift people, the two guys who installed the railing and the stairlift chair, and the older guy who did all the measuring of everything-- they all told me that it was wrong for the Housing Association to have left the railway in like that, because the rails have very sharp "teeth", and if someone trips and falls on that tey can be seriously injured.

I tried to ask the Housing Association if they would take out this old carpeting down the stairs and the hallway, but they refused, claiming it was a "Gift" to me and so if anyone had to do that, it would be ME. In other words, I would have to pay a huge amount of money to have the new railway and stairlift chair removed temporarily, like over £700, and I would have to pay to have all the carpeting on the stairway and hallway removed, and then I would also have to pay to have new carpeting installed in both places, and then I would also have to pay to have the stairlift railing and the stairlift chair put back in. You see, the stairlift chair at the bottom is really close down to the floor, and the gaping holes where the feet used to be started unraveling, which can potentially be dangerous when the stairlift chair is scooting along the carpeting on the floor. But they just didn't care about any of that. And they well knew all of this would happen.

So just be wary of this, if they decide to "Gift" you with carpeting.

Another thing, is in the new place I moved into with a different Housing Association, I asked if they would put in at least some window shades, because they had left shades in the previous Housing Association house I lived in. But they refused to, they were just bare windows. But then the Lettings Officer decided to "Gift" me with 2 window blinds in both windows of the Living Room. This was nice of him however, the tops and bottoms of the blinds had these string things at the top and bottom that were used to open and close the blinds.

My Cat, because she is naturally curious, decided to go right through one of the linds and on her way out, to jump back down to the floor, she got her neck caught in the string and it almost choked her. Fortunately it busted, and I ended up removing both the tstrings at the bottoms of the Blinds, for her safety' sake, since they told me they were now mine and I had to remove them and take them with me when I left.

Anyway, just saying, to be cautious with this "Gifting" business, when it comes to Housing Associations. The blinds thing, I regard as not thier fault at all, but the carpeting with the stairlift railing, I do regard as their negligence to care for their Tenant's safety. They simply didn't want to spend the money to remove the stairlift chair and railing before a new Tenant moved in. They had to put in new railing for each Tenant that orders one.

I cringe to think of this Mother and Child who came to visit me and the little girl would go skipping through the house, as children sometimes do. What if she would have tripped and fallen on the sharp teeth of that stairway railing at the top of the stairs?

Home77 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:18:04

Yes, it doesn't sound very safe or fair. Have you mentioned about the safety risks?

Sugarplumfairy65 Wed 03-Apr-19 10:29:54

When I had my new stairs carpet fitted, the fitters loosened the bolts on the stairlift one at a time to fit the carpet then tightened them all back up and tested it when they finished. The bolts are used to adjust the height so that it doesn't catch on the bottom step.
I made sure I used fitters who were experienced fitters. They charged an extra £25 for this service.
There is no need to remove a stairlift to fit a new carpet. Anyone who tells you there is, is scamming you

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