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To be shocked at our water rates this year - £920!

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Tensixtysix Wed 03-Apr-19 09:08:12

And we live in the South West and hardly use any water (not on a meter).
I feel like using loads now!

How much do you pay and which area?

CoraPirbright Wed 03-Apr-19 09:10:32

That’s shockingly high! Ours is around the £400 mark and we have a pool that has had to be drained and refilled twice in the last 18 months due to leaks. SE here too so would assume it would be pretty expensive. Do you think you might have a leak somewhere?

killpop Wed 03-Apr-19 09:11:47

Wow that's a lot. Is that on top of council tax?

womanhuman Wed 03-Apr-19 09:12:46

We reduced ours from about 80 to 40 by getting a meter. Family of 4, not shy about using what we need.

Blue5238 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:12:59

Can you ask to go on a meter?

popcorndiva Wed 03-Apr-19 09:14:08

It is based on your house size if not on a meter. The rule is if you have less people living in your house than bedrooms then it is cheaper to be on a meter.

Ellabella989 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:14:56

That’s crazy! Ours is about £400

BitchQueen90 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:15:25

That is shocking.

I'm Severn Trent which is one of the cheapest in the country though. I pay £15pm. Not on a meter.

callymarch Wed 03-Apr-19 09:16:29

unless you cant physically have one, why wouldnt you just ask for a meter. my bills halved from the water rates.

GOODCAT Wed 03-Apr-19 09:17:16

Our metered water is less than £120 a year. There are only two of us, but even if you have a family of 8 that is still cheaper than the amount you are paying.

HarrysOwl Wed 03-Apr-19 09:17:46

I'm Severn Trent too, not on a meter, £55pm

Ellabella989 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:19:14

I’m also Severn Trent and we pay about £34 a month

BasilWhoosh Wed 03-Apr-19 09:21:17

You should ask to get a water meter fitted. If your bills are higher with it you can switch back to water rates in your first year.

Tensixtysix Wed 03-Apr-19 09:23:38

It's on top of council tax @killpop. Our rateable value is 320, but we're not a business, but it's based on the rates of 31/03/90.
So they calculate it as;

Supply charge; £110.90 X 3.20 = £354.88
Sewage charge; £163.79 X 3.20 = £524.12
Standing charges; £41

Daylight robbery!

Tensixtysix Wed 03-Apr-19 09:25:10

No point on having a water meter. The rateable value will stay the same. It cannot EVER be taken off as per their website.

Hereward1332 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:30:12

Isn't the rateable value only an issue if you don't have a meter? It doesn't affect the cost of metered consumption.

Tensixtysix Wed 03-Apr-19 09:31:47

I'm going to look further into this. DH pays it each year without question. But now it's getting ridiculous how much they want.

BlueSkiesLies Wed 03-Apr-19 09:33:18

No point on having a water meter. The rateable value will stay the same. It cannot EVER be taken off as per their website.

I think you misunderstand.

The rateable value is used to calculated the charges if you are NOT on a meter.

If you are on a meter you pay the standing charges + usage. WAY lower than £1.2k a year for most people!

I pay between £21 and £28 a month for 2 people

justthecat Wed 03-Apr-19 09:33:33

Ours are the same op, we’re on a meter.
I remember finding out as a kid you had to pay for water and I was amazed!

redwoodmazza Wed 03-Apr-19 09:34:13

Get a water meter for blooming sake!

Chlo1674 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:34:43

Definitely get a meter that is shockingly high. I pay about a third of that have a biggish house

Walkerbean16 Wed 03-Apr-19 09:35:59

We are on a meter, ours is £864 a year but there are seven of us. Between us we have 4 showers and 2 baths a day and way too much washing up/washing.

DieCryHate Wed 03-Apr-19 09:36:11

If you don't use that much, request a meter. The RV won't dictate any metered charges. It doesn't matter if you shower once a month or if you have 20 children bathing every day if you have RV, the charge is the charge.

chillpizza Wed 03-Apr-19 09:38:40

We pay £66 a month and that’s metered.

HappySeven Wed 03-Apr-19 09:39:45

Definitely agree you need a meter. We are a family of 4 and pay £31 a month with a meter. Our rates would be similar to yours without.

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