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If you had to choose three things?

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Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 03:46:15

Not biological like a husband, what materialistic things would you want with you? I would go for Yorkshire t bags, snickers, and monster much (beef)

Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 03:46:49

Monster munch crisps even 😂

SudoWouldnt Wed 03-Apr-19 03:52:02

Coffee, a little bear my son gave me, cigarettes.

polarpig Wed 03-Apr-19 03:53:07

My kindle, my phone and my laptop.

Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 03:55:46

Ok revising the rules to no electricity and therefore no charging @polarpig 😊

Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 03:56:54

@SudoWouldnt I may need to trade you chocolate for cigarettes at some point 😂

doctorsbag Wed 03-Apr-19 03:57:43

My Mothers Day card
Sparkling water
Phone (or other access to Audible)

doctorsbag Wed 03-Apr-19 03:58:15

Oh, no phone, then... a library 😁

Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 04:00:05

@doctorsbag just one book counts (ok I’m making the rules up now!!)

polarpig Wed 03-Apr-19 04:39:15

alicewond meanie! grin
Ok. Enough money to buy a new kindle when it needs charging. Ditto phone and laptop.

Failing that three teddy bears - mine and one each of my dcs.

Alicewond Wed 03-Apr-19 04:49:25

@polarpig there are no shops, but I’ll be nice and say you and your children have 3 things each smile

polarpig Wed 03-Apr-19 04:56:53

A teddy bear each
Their birth boxes

whatstheplanphil Wed 03-Apr-19 05:06:10

A photo of my son's that I have in my purse , mixed salted nuts and fizzy cider .

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