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Or is this virus taking the p***?

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HattieRabbit Wed 03-Apr-19 00:22:18

DH and I are down with a shitty virus.

Over 10 days now of exhaustion, headaches, loss of appetite, shivers, dizziness and temperature.

It seems like everyone around us has it too!

DH has been off work since Thursday and I’ve managed to battle through (though I’m PT currently) I’m due in tomorrow and so tempted to call in sick but I’m borderline! Poorly enough to feel miserable but well enough to get bored/frustrated at being unwell!

I’d rather be really ill for two days than feel just shitty for two weeks!!

Anyone else have it? Any advice/tips?

OneStepSideways Wed 03-Apr-19 09:58:32

We have it too! Its like mild flu that drags on and on. I'm only on day 5 but DH is on day 11 and still feeling ill and shivery.

TheLastNigel Wed 03-Apr-19 10:00:08

And us. Dd2 off today. We've had about two weeks between us. Some days one of us feels better and the other feels worse and round we go.
I just feel bone tired with it currently. Week off next week so at least we can rest up proper and try and kick it.

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