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To think I could be happier if I left ?

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Confusedddd Tue 02-Apr-19 21:49:30

I really could do with advice particularly from people who have been in similar situation. I’m very unhappy in my relationship , he has done various things that Have caused me to mistrust him over the years . We have a nearly two year old DS , had sex once since he was born. He has no interest in sex and this was a big issue before I got pregnant too, I would make the effort but now I don’t even want to. We get on as friends , we haven’t slept in the same room since baby was born. I talk to him and he’s in denial and makes excuses he’s tired etc he always tells me he loves me and appreciates me. He is a good dad and does his Fair share in the house, If we go out we struggle to have conversations about things other than baby. I think we have different ideas of fun and what we want out of life .I don’t regret my child but I sometimes think I was stupid to have a child with him and kick myself for not leaving him earlier when it would have been so much less messy.This just doesn’t feel like what life should be like but I am so scared of leaving and distrupting my child’s life. Not acted on it but found myself with a wandering eye recently. Not sure what I want to hear but just had to let it out

Smellbellina Tue 02-Apr-19 21:50:54

I think it happens at that point after having a child into the family so just think very carefully about what you really want

Mammiemaw Wed 03-Apr-19 09:13:36

Not in your situation, but have had moments of deep unhappiness and discontent in my marriage. We decided our relationship was worth working on. BUT it was/is hard, and we are both very invested in making things work . It has involved some major lifestyle changes on his part and he had to be very self aware to be able to do this.

I would sit down and talk, and do not take excuses or minimising from him. You need to tell him straight how you feel and what you need for the relationship to continue. Be prepared to face up to some harsh truths about yourself. If you do not see any input from his side then I am sorry to say you may need to bite the bullet and end the relationship. Don't act on a whim but life is too short to be unhappy. You both love you ds and I am sure want him to grow up happy. Living in a house full of increasing resentment and indifference would not be best for him.

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