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To think that Identity Verification Websites are useless

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DarcieStarlight Tue 02-Apr-19 17:05:11

So I'm trying to obtain a letter from HMRC for a new job I've been offered and need proof of my National Insurance number and right to work in the UK.

Problem 1. I lost my NI card years back and you can only order proof of this on the Government Gateway website.
Problem 2. You can only verify your GG sign in details with a valid passport or P60.
Problem 3. Can't find out P60 details because they're on the GG website which I can't access.
Problem 4. Do not have a valid passport as it ran out of a couple of months ago.
Problem 5. They do not accept phone calls anymore regarding problems signing in to the site.
Problem 5. I cannot order a new passport without my birth certificate.
Problem 6. Birth certificate is on route and will take up to 4 weeks to arrive.

How on earth is anyone who doesn't have a passport and/or have never worked a day in their lives and don't have a p60, able to access any form of website that requires you to prove your identity.
Can anyone recommend any way that I could actually find out my p60 details as the company I worked for went bust and there isn't any way for me to get it from them. I can't get it from the HMRC app (which is all google advises) for all of the above reasons.

I feel like I'm going round in circles. It's all a bit far fetched these days. I'm quite clearly who I say I am. My passport is a few months out of date. It still has a photo and proves who I am! I'm at a complete loss.

DarcieStarlight Tue 02-Apr-19 22:44:58

Is there anyone out there? I'm still going round in circles ! 😂

HeathRobinson Tue 02-Apr-19 22:53:17

Registry office to get a birth cert while you wait?

John470322 Tue 02-Apr-19 23:00:03

It is a nightmare. Can your tax office give you a P60 or some proof that you have paid tax at some point in your life?

Jamiefraserskilt Tue 02-Apr-19 23:20:22

Nino can also be found in family allowance, job seekers/universal credit documents and tax credit letters. What info do they want from the p60? have you any old payslips knocking about? Driving licences (photocard) are accepted instead of passports usually. Long birth certificates give them what they need whereas short ones do not....apparently!

HeathRobinson Wed 03-Apr-19 17:25:18

@DarcieStarlight - I renewed my passport online and I don't remember needing my birth certificate. I sent in a digital photo and the old passport went to Belfast, iirc. It was a very fast service.

If you do need a birth certificate, my local Registry office will do copies of birth certificates while you wait. I assume it's the same everywhere?

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