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To think we should all help organize this

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bluelagoon90 Tue 02-Apr-19 15:58:45

My dad hates social events. Whenever I have anything organized for my children he will either not turn up until it's nearly over or wander off somewhere on his own. I want to organize drinks and finger food in a pub for my mum for a milestone birthday and invite mums siblings and nieces and nephews whom she doesn't see too often. I know she will like this as she's much more sociable and I see a different side to her when we go out just the two of us.
I asked my brother for input and he thinks it's a terrible idea because my dad will hate it and it's up to my dad to organize something.
Mum doesn't see her family that often as she doesn't drive and relies on my dad to drive the 5 hour round trip. My dad will no doubt take her out for dinner for her birthday or a weekend away but it will be on his terms and probably just involve the two of them. When my mil had a milestone birthday we all had an input and jobs to do to make it special for her it wasn't just left to her partner to organize. I'm not set on the idea I discussed with my brother but I do think we should come up with something together as a family. AIBU? or should I just take her out for afternoon tea or something like that?

thecatsthecats Tue 02-Apr-19 18:23:48

In the nicest way possible, YABU. Group event organization is always a challenge with people who want to be involved, let alone people who don't!

Icedlatte Tue 02-Apr-19 18:25:52

I think you are (presumably) an adult, and it sounds like a lovely gift from you to your mum. Your motivation to take the pressure off your dad and please your mum is kind.
You don't need your brother's blessing or help, just crack on!

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