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To not know what to do re International Driving License

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narisha99 Tue 02-Apr-19 15:39:20

We are going on holiday on Friday and won't be back until mid April - We are driving across Europe so potentially need an International Driving License if we leave the EU when we are away.

Tried my local post office last week, they had run out of forms and assured me they would have them by today. Tried today and now they estimate Thursday, we leave Friday at 7.30am! I'll try a few other local branches to see if they have them (post office lady thought that was unlikely). So what do we do if there are no forms on Thursday!

What are the implications of driving in Germany, Netherlands & France without an international license? Have got no idea what to do if we can't get the form - cancelling the holiday seems a little extreme!

DontCallMeCharlotte Wed 03-Apr-19 16:47:58

Why the sudden need post Brexit, or is this another one of those Chicken Licken scaremonger stories doing the rounds?

Nope. As you can probably now see, this one is real. In fact probably everything that was dismissed as being part of "Project Fear" is real. We'll have to wait and see won't we?

Blueowls Wed 03-Apr-19 16:56:06

You used to be able to get IDPs online from AA/RAC in the UK but you can't anymore, only from the Post Office.

RedForShort Wed 03-Apr-19 17:07:17

*Buster72: "I have happily rented cars in france Spain USA south africa without a international drivers license, scaremongering..."
Do you own a Delorean you purchased from a Dr. Emmett L. Brown? If not it's a little unclear how your happy renting without a IDP is proof of scaremongering.

Buster72 Wed 03-Apr-19 17:11:26

@redforshort the flux capacitor was shot never buy a used car from a running a ironmongers
The idp treaties were ratified in 1968...before I was born.
My own experience and current advice from car rental companies says otherwise..

RedForShort Wed 03-Apr-19 17:27:47

You can drive without one currently so any advice for the current moment is correct.

Did the rental companies advise that if Britain leave the EU without a deal you won't need a IDP?

Buster72 Wed 03-Apr-19 17:41:34

@redforshort I'll give you a minute to rtt and catch up.
Everyone is up in arms over uk gov advice the IDP is necessary if we brexit without a deal.
The same website says you MIGHT need an IDP after 12 April if in Europe.
The same websites says you must have an IDP for USA and RSA. My own experience says you don't.
US car hire firms say they only want an IDP if your licence is printed in a different alphabet ie chinese or Cyrillic.
So who do we believe? No one knows for sure is the point I am getting at.

RedForShort Wed 03-Apr-19 21:44:21


No one knows for sure? No shit Sherlock.

Don't think anyone else one the thread has notice no one knows what will happen to many different current arrangements and after Britain leaves the EU.

For the OP of this thread she's away on th 12th and seeing Britain MIGHT leave without a deal it'll mean she MIGHT need a IPD. (Because non-EU licences holders do.)

So she sensibly got one just in case. It could turn out that she doesn't need it. (As documentation for travel within EU states are part of the deal - that might or mightn't happen - this seems to be the part you're struggling to grasp. )

Mistigri Wed 03-Apr-19 22:44:53

The same websites says you must have an IDP for USA and RSA

That's not what the UK gov website says though.

You only need an IDP in SA if you have an old style paper U.K. licence - and that is what the U.K. govt site says.

For the USA rules may differ between states. I have a number of US friends here in France and their right vary depending on the US state which issued the licence.

Buster72 Fri 05-Apr-19 13:22:42

On the contrary, if renting a car in RSA with an old style license (paper) you must take a photographic ID. According to that gov website you need a IPD , my own experience is you do not.

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