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Where is this £60?

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SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:19:57

My just turned 8 year old DS got a little blue wallet a few months ago from a museum giftshop. I gave him a £5 note to put into it as he'd never had any 'paper money'. He then got around £25 in money at Christmas and at his birthday 1 week ago got a further £30. After the last sum I was aware that it was mounting up and made a mental note to take it and put it in his bank account. Today it is missing.

To recap, he had the wallet with his saved £60 in it a week ago. He swears blind it was on his drawers in his bedroom. I haven't seen it elsewhere in the house despite the fact I've been doing lots of tidying in preparation for some decorating. I have just turned his bedroom upside down looking... Looked in every drawer, cupboard, behind drawers, even inside all pockets, under the rug, under his mattress, everywhere.

In the last 3 hours I have searched the entire house, even down the sides of sofas and under furniture.

The only other people who came are 2 cleaners who were here on Wednesday. I don't want to point the finger but if it was in his room and now isn't, would it be unreasonable for me to at least contact the cleaning company and ask if they'd seen it? Or do I have to chalk it up to experience and write it off?

HennyPennyHorror Tue 02-Apr-19 12:21:46

I would first assume he's remembered wrongly where it was placed.

You've looked behind and under the drawers?

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:23:53

I am cross at my son for being careless, despite the fact I was giving him some independance by allowing him to look after a small sum of his own money, on the other hand I now have the fear that there could be someone coming to my house who has stolen a child's birthday money. That said, although I don't know them, the cleaners seem nice and you really wouldn't think they'd potentially risk a load of grief for £60 would you? I think I'm going to have to write it off aren't I? I can't risk accusing innocent people, no matter how adamant my son is that it's disappeared into thin air.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:25:00

Henny Penny, I have pulled all of the drawers out and searched his room methodically. He swears the wallet hasn't left his room and I think he could be right there since I haven't seen it anywhere else in the house.

porridgeface Tue 02-Apr-19 12:25:00

Do you have a car that he could have left it in? X

MyDcAreMarvel Tue 02-Apr-19 12:25:31

I think £60 is a lot of responsibility for an 8 year old to look after. You can’t blame him.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:27:17

We have looked in both cars and I agree @Marvel, although initially it was small sums that built up to £30, he only got the additional £30 a week ago which is why I was looking for it today to bank it. I am kicking myself

TheGrey1houndSpeaks Tue 02-Apr-19 12:27:33

No, you can’t. Neither has it disappeared into thin air, he’ll have left it someone random. Are you sure he didn’t take it into school and lose it there?

ZippyBungleandGeorge Tue 02-Apr-19 12:28:24

Can you mention it in passing to the cleaner, eg D's has misplaced his birthday money, I know it's in the house but haven't had time to do s thorough search. Could you keep an eye out while you do the cleaning, it's in a little blue wallet. Gives them a chance to put it back, if it then turns up somewhere you checked, sack the cleaner.

Clawdy Tue 02-Apr-19 12:31:54

I really think you would be better leaving it. If you contact the cleaning company, I'm sure there would be repercussions for the cleaners. Then if the wallet turns up eventually, in some weird place, you would feel dreadful. Not worth it.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:32:37

Greyhound, I checked his school bag and rung school on the off-chance. No sign.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:32:59

Great idea Clawdy, thankyou x

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:36:58

Sorry, I meant thankyou Zippy. You're right Clawdy, I can't trust he hasn't himself put it somewhere.

BabyDarlingDollfaceHoney Tue 02-Apr-19 12:38:33

Bit bonkers leaving an 8 year old in charge of £60.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:41:50

Cheers Baby, am aware of that. It was a fiver initially, then increased after Christmas. He was enjoying 'saving' and watching his money grow which I would argue is a bit more meaningful for an 8 year old when they can hold it in their hand then if you just take it off them and put it into the bank. When it turned into £60 last week I decided to bank it but haven't had chance to go until today, when it's missing. I have learnt a lesson though.

HennyPennyHorror Tue 02-Apr-19 12:41:52

Although I don't know them, the cleaners seem nice and you really wouldn't think they'd potentially risk a load of grief for £60 would you?

Yes I would. What seems paltry to you is a huge amount to others. Some people only have 20 for their weekly shop! And yes...working people included.

HennyPennyHorror Tue 02-Apr-19 12:42:28

Better off with a piggy bank in future OP. In the kitchen cabinet or somewhere you can see it.

Em308 Tue 02-Apr-19 12:43:15

Could another family member have borrowed it without telling you?

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:44:45

Em, no one has been in in the past 7 days apart from us and the cleaners.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:45:32

Henny Penny, it doesn't seem paltry to me, I just think (hope!) £60 is a sum that most people wouldn't risk their job over.

SpoilsburyToastGirl Tue 02-Apr-19 12:46:50

Henny Penny, he has a piggy bank but now I'm not sure that's safe either. He was enjoying having money in a wallet 'like daddy,'

babysharkah Tue 02-Apr-19 12:47:53

Absolutely do not point blame at the cleaners.

It will be somewhere completely random due to your son.

theycallmebabydriver Tue 02-Apr-19 12:49:57

Do you think he might have taken it somewhere with him and lost it but doesn't want to tell you in case you are cross with him?

(I'm not saying you would be, just trying to use 8yr logic)

Kobea Tue 02-Apr-19 12:50:04

£60 is a lot of money to a child so he has probably spent it himself and now he has 'lost it'.

I doubt a professional cleaner is going to risk their job and reputation over £60 hmm

RedSkyLastNight Tue 02-Apr-19 12:51:43

Are you sure he hasn't spent it or given it to others?
Or he took it to school/club and lost it on the way?

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