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Your favourite dog breed?

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Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:15:14

Just that, a happy post, pictures would be better 😊

EnglishRose13 Tue 02-Apr-19 03:19:33


Family143 Tue 02-Apr-19 03:28:56

Irish setters

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:30:21

@EnglishRose13 gorgeous!

mcjx Tue 02-Apr-19 03:32:19

I love beagles! My DPs mum has one ❤️

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:32:28

Also lovely dogs @Family143

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:33:27

Pics needed @Family143 of these cuties

Family143 Tue 02-Apr-19 03:36:36

Couldn't resist posting other photos to prove it!

BetterEatCheese Tue 02-Apr-19 03:37:07

Whippets - we got our first one in January and he is beautiful

KC225 Tue 02-Apr-19 03:40:22

Black standard poodle. Love them

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:41:32

Stunning @Family143

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 03:43:47

Whippets are amazing and sadly unappreciated @BetterEatCheese

Jasmineallenestate Tue 02-Apr-19 04:26:37

Rescue dog

Jasmineallenestate Tue 02-Apr-19 04:28:33

Weird isn't it. Apparently the UK is so poor, thr NHs is on it's knees, UC is crippling families etc etc etc. But ever fucker walks aroundbthe town centre brandishing a designer label dog. Even a cross breed poppaloodlelab costs a grand. Prioritoes so wrong.

Mumthedogsbeensick Tue 02-Apr-19 04:35:08

Boxer! I love their permanently confused faces!

Raspberrytruffle Tue 02-Apr-19 05:13:30

I love all dogs but have to say I absolutely love my golden retrievers, very smart and almost Human like!

fanniboz Tue 02-Apr-19 05:34:41

Labrador retriever. More specifically: mine grin

Nanasueathome Tue 02-Apr-19 05:36:35


TerpsichoreanMuse Tue 02-Apr-19 05:37:29

German Wirehaired Pointer.

Nanasueathome Tue 02-Apr-19 05:37:52

My dog

Boopeedoop Tue 02-Apr-19 05:41:39

English Mastiff. Followed by any other giant breed. So loving and loyal.

Plump82 Tue 02-Apr-19 05:44:38

Definitely Staffies. So misunderstood.

dalmatianmad Tue 02-Apr-19 05:50:19

Dalmatians and staffies!

shesnappedandfarted Tue 02-Apr-19 05:52:43

Staffies! One of the few dog breeds recommend for families with children. So misunderstood and so cuddly.

(And yes mine is a rescue)

bloodywhitecat Tue 02-Apr-19 05:53:04

Collies (she's a collie/rough collie/GSD cross) or a sprocker (and he is a daft, loving lump)

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