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NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 02-Apr-19 01:47:08

I'm not really sure how much suport this would get but with the increasing popularity of youtube as an entertainment source (indeed it is my main source of entertainment) and youtubers being counted as famous could we possiably have a youtube/influencers topic board??

We have celeb twaddle, tv addicts, radio addicts etc. Youtube is increasingly becoming something people watch the same programmes/content makers on.

Its just that theres an increasing number of treads about youtubers talking about them like everyone should know who they are and prehaps many many people do. I just wonder if these threads would be less annoying to those who dont want to hear about the daily lives of zoe and alfie et al or hear about how clean mrs hinchs houses is or pewdiepies anti seminism and fakeness could avoid it. And those that do and do know who these people are would get less who? And not really famous comments on their posts.

I appricate that its possiable that they wouldnt be completely contained in their topic area celeb stuff often overlaps in to chat and AIBU.

Maybe i'm talking nonsence and its nearly 2 in the morning and this idea is a bad one if so ignore me. Prehaps i sjould have posted this in site stuff

Alicewond Tue 02-Apr-19 01:51:23

I can’t lie I’m of the wrong generation but with children who are obsessed with YouTube celebs. Sounds like a good idea

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Tue 02-Apr-19 07:15:21

Well thats the thing kids see youtubers as 'stars' to emilate amd talk about.

And when i say kids i mean up until 20's who may well have children of their own and be on mumsnet

I'm equally bothered by the expection of some youtube fans that everyone should know who these people are and posting in chat (and other areas) with very little explination and the quite rude who? Comments i just womder if them having a topic like tv and radio might give them a place to discuss youtuber related stuff.

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