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Aibu to ask what job I could do with these skills?

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tootlepootleschmootle Mon 01-Apr-19 22:16:28

NC as don't want to be recognised as know some colleagues are on MN!

I really would love to earn more money, but don't know what to do next.

I'm currently a secondary school teacher and middle leader. I've been doing this for six years and I like to think I'm good at my job. I manage a team. The hours are ridiculous, though, and I can't help but think if I were putting those hours in elsewhere I could be earning more?

I have five A Levels at an A grade and a first class degree in English and Philosophy.

I absolutely love public speaking, I've always been quite good at sales (little stint in recruitment after uni which I did well in but the base salary was too low to pay my London rent at the time!) and I'm very competitive. What job would these skills lend themselves to where I could earn big money?

I'm super organised, adore reading and writing- would love to be in a job that used this.

Not at all trying to sound boasty or big myself up, just hoping for some ideas and wisdom!

LipstickHandbagCoffee Mon 01-Apr-19 22:26:31

What do you gravitate to?are you better in a team or as a lone worker
You’re clearly smart,it’s a case of channelling it appropriately
Do you want to do a psychology conversion course retrain as an Ed Psychologist
Recruitment agy recruiting teachers
Trainer in a private company

tootlepootleschmootle Mon 01-Apr-19 22:31:51

Good question that I hadn't thought about- I think better as lone worker, I enjoy that more just getting stuck into my own work

Tartanwarrior Mon 01-Apr-19 22:32:46

Your skills would lend themselves to many jobs, really.
Why not spend some time looking through job vacancy listings- just to see what appeals.

How much financial wiggle room do you have? Would you be able to take an interim job so that you could get your breath back and think about your next step?

Do you want to retrain? Have you thought about an MBA?

Which A Levels did you get?

Tartanwarrior Mon 01-Apr-19 22:34:33

And... what is the priority right now? Money? Work life balance?

LipstickHandbagCoffee Mon 01-Apr-19 22:39:44

Work out your salary requirements,what you need to cover accommodation,etc
Change of job = change of ethos and culture.different AL
If you start new in a company what’s the pay,AL and benefits
What are you’re interests/talents?

tootlepootleschmootle Mon 01-Apr-19 22:39:45

Priority is money right now, teaching is fantastic but even after working my way up I'm not earning more than 45k. My A levels are English, RE, History, Chemistry (which I absolutely hated!) and rather randomly, Textiles grin

LipstickHandbagCoffee Mon 01-Apr-19 22:42:08

Can you be a locum teacher,weekly pay,well paid but less settled that FT role

livinglongerwithcalgon Mon 01-Apr-19 22:42:16

In addition to the important questions from Tartanwarrior, where are you based/able to work? Appreciate you won’t want to give specifics but careers vary a lot regionally.

Just on what you have said in your first post, I know a number of teachers who have moved into roles elsewhere in the public sector particularly the Civil Service. Apart from the big money part! But certainly decent enough money, very good pension and usually good work life balance/flexibility (the latter usually being the case but understandably being particularly dependent on the actual role).

tootlepootleschmootle Mon 01-Apr-19 22:45:56

I'm in the Midlands, close enough to Birmingham to commute in smile

Still18atheart Mon 01-Apr-19 22:45:58

What subject do you teach?

Is there a particular aspect of the curriculum you enjoy teaching?

Would you still want to work in education or with children or would you like to sorry for the phrase “practice what you teach” of that’s possible in your specialist area?

tootlepootleschmootle Mon 01-Apr-19 22:46:41

I teach English- I enjoy it but wouldn't be upset to try something completely unrelated

HennyPennyHorror Mon 01-Apr-19 22:48:19

Content and copywriting. There's a lot of freelance work available if you're good. I suggest you take a course.

LipstickHandbagCoffee Mon 01-Apr-19 22:50:14

Ok so do you want a career Change or a career change via retraining people I know with English degrees work
Events management/PR

livinglongerwithcalgon Mon 01-Apr-19 22:52:48

Having just seen your most recent post (I say, whilst other posts may be arriving!), you’d most likely need a Grade 7 role salary-wise in the Civil Service (varies by department and if you’re in London or not but usually starts around £45-50k). Room for progression beyond that to Grade 6, next step from there would be senior Civil Service (Deputy Director upwards).

Otherwise a number of big retail companies used to do middle management entry for career changers (haven’t worked in retail for a while so don’t know if that is still the case), usually starting anywhere from £40-60k. Usually requires travel (to different stores etc) and possibly longer hours and shift-type work (due to things like supporting Xmas shopping).

Generally speaking there tends to be a bit of scale between hours/ flexibility and salary, with a bit of a trade off between the two. So perhaps jumping into some of the sales type stuff may not give you the working hours you prefer; but if it is really just about money then perhaps that’s not actually a concern to you and you just want better pay for long hours (which would be fair enough!).

Loveglee Mon 01-Apr-19 22:58:52

Motivational speaker?

AdaColeman Mon 01-Apr-19 22:59:05

Take a one year degree conversion course and go into law, aim to be a barrister then judge?

tinkywinky777 Mon 01-Apr-19 22:59:23

Place marking as tootlepootleschmootle, I could have basically more or less written your post😊

MrsMoastyToasty Mon 01-Apr-19 23:02:14

Something to do with workplace training maybe.

GemmeFatale Mon 01-Apr-19 23:10:13

Business to business sales.

LipstickHandbagCoffee Mon 01-Apr-19 23:10:30

It’s a two years minimum if want to practise law as a solicitor
1yr GDL conversion and 1yr legal practice.

Barrister GDL , followed by 1yr Bar training Plus a pupillage if pursuing being a barrister.

PrimalLass Mon 01-Apr-19 23:41:44

Not that easy to get £45k+ in publishing or most content-related jobs.

Still18atheart Mon 01-Apr-19 23:48:06

What about a career in journalism?

AppleKatie Mon 01-Apr-19 23:49:49

Move to the private sector - find a big independent. Preferably one that used to be a boys school (they generally pay better).

You could earn in the region of 60k as an experienced Head of English and more if you progressed to say Assistant head Academic or similar.

You might have to move closer to London though.

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