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To #1 ask if I should have a theme for my 40th

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FairyFuckDailyMail Mon 01-Apr-19 21:56:19

And #2 ideas for a theme that is glam.

It’s my 40th in the summer and I really want to dress up whether that is cocktail dresses or just glam but not the usual 80s rock etc. Think Great Gatsby or the likes but I’m not sure I want friends to have to spend money to try and dress up like that.

Sorry for posting here but posting for traffic.
So can I ask Mumsnetters to please help me first to find the perfect theme if you agree that I should have a theme and also the perfect colour scheme. I was thinking black & silver in the venue. I’m not very much into gold but did like rose gold but think it has been overused recently.

Lastly it will be for around 70-90 people. Do I just create a Facebook group go get confirmation of who will be coming and then send invites. Of course a select few is not on Facebook and I will be contacting those people separately. Some has suggested no need to invites in 2019 anymore.


meepmoop Mon 01-Apr-19 22:01:25

I'm not a great fan of themes but you could do fancy dresses and suits if you wanted to keep it simple. Most guests would probably have something already if they didn't want to buy new.

I wouldn't go off Facebook replies as I think people tend to be a bit more fickle with saying they're going and then not attending

TestingTestingWonTooFree Mon 01-Apr-19 22:04:09

A theme is probably a bit self indulgent. Setting a dress code, less so. Don’t make people have to buy a particular colour.

Mammyloveswine Mon 01-Apr-19 22:07:02

I plan on having a "full length and fabulous" bash for my 40th! I intend on wearing a stunning bright red gown and looking damn fine!
Its your party.. go for it!

OhioOhioOhio Mon 01-Apr-19 22:07:22

I would say 'Sunday best ', or sparkly shiny best. Don't make people fork out its annoying.

AndwhenyougetthereFoffsomemore Mon 01-Apr-19 22:07:48

Possibly outing, but we did a 1940s theme for our 40th, and I was amazed how many ppl made the effort - potential to theme an existing frock is high for women (red lippy and victory rolls/similar, seamed stockings if you're that way inclined) or lots and lots of vintage rip-offs fairly cheap (lindybop/collectif are pretty cheap) and a few blokes grew dreadful moustaches, but most wore lounge type suits/shirts and chinos - we had a good number who dressed up as forces. Would that work?

adulthumanwolf Mon 01-Apr-19 22:11:16

It's lovely you want to do something special but I wouldn't make the dress code compulsory.

A family member had a theme and loads of people didn't go because of it! Mind you it was Disney characters which is way worse!

adulthumanwolf Mon 01-Apr-19 22:11:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

thenightsky Mon 01-Apr-19 22:20:55

Friend of mine did a wedding themed 40th. You could wear your old wedding dress, or come as a guest or bridesmaid etc. Loads of blokes wore white wedding dresses and loads of women wore top hat and tails.

FairyFuckDailyMail Mon 01-Apr-19 22:23:32

Thank you, that is what I am hoping to avoid.
Can I get away with a “Glitz and Glam” almost like Mammyloveswine ‘s full length and fabulous. To emphasise it’s definitely a smart dress up event?

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